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Take Your Work Home
how do they still have jobs after what they did last night? Surely they couldn't get away with trying to treat a patient at home or running scans on her at PPTH under a false name, right? For that matter, how the hell is House not going to be in big trouble for what he did? Whatever. Some time later, Foreman is in, having gotten more sleep last night than anyone else. A sleepy Taub arrives and gets to work. Hadley finds a good case: an Amish kid collapsed while picking up a hooker. It's only then that everyone realizes that House is missing.

He's nearby, though. He wakes up for the first time after his surgery. Filled with dread, he feels his leg and hopes it's still there. It is. Even though I still think he'd be better without it at this point. Wilson is at House's bedside instead of Cuddy. Way to finally answer that phone, Wilson! House isn't thrilled to see Wilson, saying he doesn't need the judgment right now. Wilson rolls his eyes and reads the letter Rachel supposedly left for House: "I hope your leg feels better and I hope we can be friends again soon, you bloody scallywag." House doesn't appear touched by Rachel's words, simply saying he has to pee. He refuses to use the pee jug, though, insisting on getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. But his leg was operated on, like, two hours ago, so he can't do it on his own, no matter how many times he swats Wilson away when he tries to help him. "You're an ass," Wilson says. House admits that's true, although he'd like Wilson to be more specific since there are so many ass things he's done lately. Finally, he allows Wilson to walk him to the bathroom. But first, Wilson has to lecture him: "you can't keep going like this. Something has to change," he says. "I know," House says sadly. And yet, no matter how many times he says or promises this, nothing ever really does seem to change. I have a feeling this will be no different.

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