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Flakes On A Plane

House sits back down triumphantly and asks Cuddy how she feels. Cuddy, who still looks wicked sick, says she's feeling better. House opens the window shade since Cuddy no longer has fake photophobia, and she asks House how he figured it out. He says that when the LP was negative, and when Cuddy suddenly started yelling at him (a symptom of mass hysteria), he came up with the mass hysteria theory. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that people aren't actually sick. Not only do I seriously doubt you can give yourself a rash with the power of your mind, but I feel cheated. But it's not over yet, as House says that the Korean still has a real illness they need to diagnose.

House goes back to the drawing board, or in this case, back to the movie screen. And the AirCottages are back, too! Cuddy asks if they're really necessary. They are. House asks them for suggestions. AirCameron, who is so much better than the real Cameron it's not even funny: "How long 'til we land?" She has her arms crossed and everything. I love her. House asks AirForeman if they're looking at a "clog" or a "leak" in the Korean's brain. "You are talking of toilet?" AirForeman asks. Cuddy's like, "For real? This is ridiculous." Meanwhile, she convinced herself she was dying of meningitis, so... your opinions are no longer valid, Cuddy. Like, ever. I am going to hold this against you for a long time. Cuddy suggests syphilis, but House doesn't think the Korean could score a hot date without speaking the language. Cuddy says that as long as he has a credit card and a condom in Singapore, he can get whatever he wants. "Ew!" says AirCameron. Ah, remember the days when sex was horrifying to the real Cameron, too? Anyway, if the Korean had a condom, then he wouldn't have syphilis, so, wrong again, Cudster.

But the condom suggestion gives House an idea. He mulls it over, mentioning the Korean's focal limb paralysis. AirChase asks if House is saying that the Korean has been paralyzed by a condom. No, House says -- by the cocaine that was inside the condom that the Korean swallowed. "Ew!" says AirCameron. AirCameron, you are awesome. Please stay on the show. I'm sure there's a place for you somewhere. Maybe she could be Cuddy's assistant or something. Or she could just poke her head into the meeting room and say "ew" once an episode without an explanation. That would be great. House says the only thing they can do for the Korean is operate. "Cool!" says AirChase.

Fran also needs an operation. Chase and Cameron watch from the OR balcony and try not to have sex with each other. Chase says that if Foreman was right about Fran having a bleed in the brain, maybe he's right about them, too. It occurs to Chase that having sex all over the place might be affecting their job performance. He says that having sex in a patient's bedroom while they're supposed to be looking for toxins isn't exactly on point. And then he has an idea: "The bowl was full!" he says. He leaves a confused Cameron in the OR balcony.

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