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Flakes On A Plane

House prepares the Korean for surgery. He tells the AirCottages to hold the Korean down, as he's sure to flail around while House cuts him open with no anesthetic. Well, good thing he chose a guy who can't understand what he's saying, a woman, and a child for this task. AirCameron wants to make sure the Korean isn't contagious before helping out with this. And she's taken her jacket off so we can see that she is, indeed, wearing a sweater vest. House shovels some booze down the Korean's throat. Give him a piece of leather to bite down on, and it'll be just like surgery in the nineteenth century!

Fran gets some nice gas to knock her out.

Chase and his oxygen mask go back to Fran's home. He notes that the cat's food dish is still full. Harrington is still on top of the dresser, except now he's dead. Chase heads down to the basement and takes a look around. He finds a pipe that leads somewhere outside the house.

Fran is prepped for surgery.

House gets ready to slice into the Korean. The flight attendant helps, because she's the AirEvil Nurse Brenda. Or maybe she's the AirWilson. I can't decide. House tells them to hold the guy tight. AirChase lifts his hands off the Korean, who moans in pain. Then AirChase puts his hand back down on the Korean's shoulder and the Korean seems to be in less pain. House tells him to repeat that motion. AirChase does, and he gets the same result. House squeezes the guy's knee and notes that putting pressure on the Korean's joints seems to relieve his pain. Cuddy asks what that means. House says it means he was wrong "again." Well, I guess it's good that he found out now rather than, like, during or after the surgery. He asks for the Korean's wallet.

Foreman prepares to drill into Fran's head. This surgery prep sure is taking a while.

Chase goes outside and tries to follow the pipe from Fran's basement. He finds it connected to Fran's next-door neighbor's house, which has a note on the door that reads, "Premises have been fumigated with methyl bromide. No admittance for 72 hours." Chase whips out his cell phone. Back in the OR, Cameron gets the call in time to stop the unnecessary surgery. Again, this is just a little too parallel with the plane stuff for me. While I like twists and turns on this show as much as anyone, there were one or two too many in this episode.

House finds a SCUBA certification card in the Korean's wallet. Cuddy doesn't think that's a big deal, but House follows that up with a receipt for a SCUBA equipment rental dated yesterday. Cuddy finally realizes what's going on and orders AirWilson/Evil Nurse Brenda to tell the pilot to drop the plane as low as possible, because the Korean has the bends. Since I already talked about the time Mitch had the bends on Baywatch last week, I have nothing to add to this. Except that I know more about SCUBA diving than the Korean, who apparently didn't pay attention to the part of his class where they told him not to surface too quickly or fly less than twenty-four hours after SCUBA diving. Flying at a lower altitude should keep the plane's pressure high enough to keep the Korean alive.

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