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Flakes On A Plane

Chase tells the now-awake Fran that her house shares pipes with her neighbor since they used to be one estate a long time ago. The exterminator didn't know that, and when he fumigated the neighbor's house, he exposed Fran's house as well. That doesn't explain how she got worse once she was removed from the home and its poison, but, whatever. The motion sickness patch masked the initial effects of the poison. Wilson says Fran will be fine in a couple days, even though she's needlessly bald. Also, her cat died. Sorry about that. Fran notes that she learned a Valuable Lesson: her cat never left her house in his twelve years of life, and he died because of it. She thought her illness was punishment for going away when she was really punished for coming home. Actually, I think she was punished for sharing a pipe with her neighbor and for her neighbor hiring an exterminator who didn't do all of his homework.

The plane has landed, and the Korean is taken away via stretcher. House tells Cuddy that she owes him her life, even though her life was never actually in danger. She refuses to acknowledge this, although she really should if she wants House to keep her little plane fake sick freak-out a secret. "You're mean," House says. He takes a seat in his waiting wheelchair, which is pushed by the flight attendant, who graciously thanks him for everything he did and says that she's in New York every Monday. House appreciates her showing of gratitude and asks if she's "handicap accessible." I'm still not sure if that makes her the AirWilson or the AirEvil Nurse Brenda.

Wilson gives Robin a call. He awkwardly tells her what was wrong with Fran and that Fran will be fine. He also hopes Robin will be stopping by PPTH again. Well, I guess being with a high-class Hooker is better than living with one of your terminal cancer patients.

Cameron and Chase leave the hospital. Cameron says that House will be impressed with Chase's diagnosis. Chase doubts this, as well he should. Cameron thinks they should celebrate with some sex, but Chase suddenly says he wants "more." Cameron hints around that she doesn't, but Chase persists. He says this may have started off as a just sex thing in the beginning, but they both have feelings for each other now. Oh, wait -- only he has feelings. Cameron doesn't. "It was fun, that's it," she says, "and now it's over." She runs away, leaving Chase looking a little bit destroyed. Wow, that was really harsh. I know they had an understanding, and it's fine if Cameron doesn't have the same feelings for Chase that he has for her. It's a bummer for Chase and it's awkward for both of them, but it happens. All the same, she really could have been a little nicer about it and let him down easier. I guess all that sex still couldn't teach Cameron anything about interpersonal skills.

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