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Flakes On A Plane

While the Korean guy looks on his way off this mortal coil, the blonde, who has now scored a nice big bed in first class, panics that she's going to die. You know what? I think the blonde faked this to get first-class seats. I'd paint a rash on my back and throw up too if it got me such comfy accommodations for such a long flight. Cuddy dotes on the two ill passengers, and then she goes over to House, who has earplugs stuffed in his nostrils to keep out the puke smell while he relaxes with some more alcohol. He reports that none of pilots ate the seafood, which is a pity, because he was hoping to land the plane himself. It's called House, not Walker, Texas Ranger. Come on now. Although if House had had to land the plane himself, I would have given this episode an A+. If he had done it while making fun of the air traffic control people over the radio, I would have rallied to have the site code changed so I could give it an A++. This is something to consider if this show ever goes into Season 8 and ideas get scarce. Because Cuddy apparently really wants everyone to be doomed to die of meningitis before the plane can land, she says that if it is meningitis, their patients will be showing neurological symptoms soon. House orders the Korean guy to stand up so they can see if that's the case. House only knows enough Korean to say "is your sister over eighteen," though, so he has to use the time-honored Ugly American tradition of yelling in English slowly and loudly while making hand gestures. The Korean guy somehow understands what House is asking and stands up for a second before his shaky legs give out and he collapses. That looks like a neurological symptom to House and Cuddy, who just watch him fall on his face. After a second, House sucks on his teeth. It's pretty hilarious.

The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold tries to escape PPTH, only to be caught by Wilson on her way to the elevators. She says she has an "important client" and should be going. Wilson asks her if she's close to Fran, because he has to give her the bad "you might have cancer" news and thinks she should have a friend there. "Oh God," Robin says. "Oh God" is like her catchphrase at this point. She says it about everything! Mammograms, Venezuelan tattoos, clients passing out, everything!

Cameron does the mammogram while Robin watches and holds Fran's hand. Even though part of me resents them for taking time away from House and Cuddy on the plane of death, I'm starting to enjoy this odd pair. They have spin-off potential! Fran tells Robin it's okay for her to leave, but Robin says that she's sure Fran is scared, so Robin will stay with her. Plus, if she sees Fran's boobs, it'll be kind of like they had sex, and Robin can justify taking that money from her. Fran says that she's kind of hoping that it is breast cancer, since that would mean she didn't do something that caused her to get sick. Robin says that Fran shouldn't blame herself for having fun. Fran asks if Robin has any regrets. Robin's like, "Umm ... I'm a hooker who was about to have sex with an old lady. What do you think?" Finally, Cameron starts the mammogram. She takes the picture and is putting the other breast on the slab when Fran groans. Cameron thinks she's just in pain from having her boob squished, but Fran says that she's just gone blind in her right eye.

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