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Moby Sick

Of course, the Cottages aren't so cool with it, but they make suggestions of diseases Ian could have anyway for, like, the fourteenth time this episode. When you don't have patient's houses to break into or weird family histories to explore, you have to repeat a few things. The session is interrupted by Cuddy, who had to leave her poker game when Ian's parents finally wised up and called her about the madman killing their son. She snaps at the Cottages for not thinking to inform her about this, and House defends them by saying they were told that Cuddy was okay with this, which isn't true. Go House. Cuddy says that she's had enough of this, and doesn't agree with making a kid brain-damaged so that House can finally let Ester go. Cameron seems surprised that even Cuddy knows who Ester is, while Chase is definitely not. I have a feeling this stand-off has happened before. This certainly has: Cuddy pulls House off the case, saying that he's not allowed to touch Ian and can go home and ride his motorcycle and brood in a dark corner or something.

Obviously, House isn't about to do that. He asks them if they have any more diseases to add to their list of seven. Foreman tells him to drop it because Cuddy is right. "No, she's not!" House snaps, sounding kind of childish. Chase, his head in his hands, laments not calling Cuddy in the first place. "I'm surprised you didn't," House snaps at him. Ouch. Cameron does not get yelled at because she's wearing a pretty dress. House whips out the tumor he pulled out of Ian's heart and says that if they can't go near Ian, they can at least go near this. Cameron says that they should be able to get three tests out of that. Three tests for seven diseases. They'll have to narrow it down "Maternity"-style to the three most likely diseases to test for.

The first test will be for histiocytosis. Looking not unlike the Crachit family over Christmas dinner, the Cottages hover over the tiny piece of heart mass and cut a section off. They put some chemical stuff on in and look at it under the microscope for the red reaction that will indicate a positive result. It doesn't happen. Test 1: FAILED!

The second test will be for tuberous sclerosis, after sarcoma is rejected even though it's more likely because its test is less reliable. Even though, on this show, no tests are reliable, ever. The Cottages run the test and wonder what will happen for the next twelve years if they don't solve this case tonight. I imagine House will be writing both "Esther" and "Eeean"'s names on the Whiteboard. Test 2: FAILED!

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