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Maturity Hour

As for House, he's waiting for Cuddy to enter his office so he can crow about his amazing lone-wolf patient-saving skills. The janitor enters the office first, though, and is summarily dismissed. Tattletale. Cuddy enters next and tells House that he may have solved the case eventually, but he would have done it a lot sooner with a team. Cameron would have fought House on his assumption that Ben didn't know his own live-in girlfriend. Foreman would have gone out of his way to prove House's multiple-conditions coincidence theory wrong, and then Chase the suck-up would have gone out of his way to prove it right. Somewhere, somehow, they would have solved the case days ago. And maybe Megan wouldn't have died, or at least her mom and boyfriend could have been with her when she did. "You need a team. I don't care how you do it," Cuddy says. Famous last words right there, Cuddy. She unloads a pile of applications on House's desk.

House plucks at his out-of-tune, though returned unharmed, guitar as he addresses a crowd of fellowship candidates. He tells them they're about to embark on the longest job interview of their lives and will be tested in ways that are unfair and illegal. By the end of that, twenty-nine of them will be gone. "Wear a cup," House says. Especially if you have lopsided eye-boobs.

What ails the staff at PPTH? We've got the diagnoses.

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