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Crossing The Line

The elevator door opens out into the lobby. A bunch of doctors, including Cuddy, Wilson, and the Cottages, applaud as Andie and her mom exit. Andie then gives hugs to all the opening-credits people, and there's a nice touch where she touches Cameron's hair that she liked so much. Chase gives Andie some tickets to the American Museum of Natural History so that Andie can see "real butterflies," as opposed to fake ones on the MRI room wall. Aw. They hug, and Andie gives Chase a small, chaste peck on the cheek, which is really the kiss that should have happened before. And just when you thought House was cold-hearted bastard, there he is slumped against a counter at the end of the line. "I'm not gonna kiss you, no matter what you say," he says. Andie hugs him, and then tells him to go for a walk in the sunny outdoors. House taps his cane and says he's not a fan of long walks in the park. Jeez, Andie, way to RUB IT IN. House only let her get away with that because she's dying of cancer.

Over at the fakest-looking city backlot in the history of fake-looking city backlots, the Elvis Costello version of "Beautiful" starts to play as House checks out some shiny new motorcycles for sale. A salesman starts to talk to House, who takes his iPod earphones out of his ears to hear him, revealing that the music we're hearing is actually coming from House's iPod, which was a neat touch. The salesman tells House that he can still ride a motorcycle even with a bad right leg. And there are some really good financing options available right now. "No thanks," House says. He starts to walk away, but then turns back around and asks if he can take one out for a test ride. Either the saintly terminal cancer girl has shown House that life is too short not to seize every moment of it, or House is just continuing down the self-destructive path he seems to be on. I think it's a little of both; he's seizing the moment, but he's so self-destructive that the only way he can do it is by risking his life.

We end on House riding the motorcycle through the cow-laden fields of New Jersey as Elvis Costello tells us all that we are beautiful, no matter what they say. Unless, of course, you tried to circumcise yourself with a box cutter.

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