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Sean looks at his dead wife. Foreman enters and softly informs him that his son is doing well. Sean kisses his wife goodbye.

The board votes immediately, and everyone is in favor of sacking House...except Cuddy. Vogler tells Cuddy that she might as well just go with firing House, because it's going to happen anyway. Cuddy says she can't do it. Vogler asks what changed between yesterday and today; did House take her out to dinner or buy her roses? Certain members of the board snicker at this, because they know if they don't laugh at Vogler's jokes, the next motion will be to fire one of them. And also because the notion of House giving anyone flowers is pretty funny. Cuddy says that all House did was his job. Vogler says that House's life-saving abilities aren't the point here, to which Cuddy responds that saving lives kind of is the point of hospitals. Vogler says that House runs around like a madman who's accountable to no one, and Cuddy points out that Vogler is just as unaccountable. At least House doesn't act like he owns everyone. At this, Vogler moves to vote to fire Cuddy, because he doesn't understand when he's gone too far. A doctor asks Cuddy why she's risking her career to save House, of all people. Cuddy says that if people are voting the way Vogler wants them to because of his money, then he really does own them after all. "You have a choice," Cuddy speechifies. "Maybe the last real one you'll have here." And she leaves to let the board vote. I think we can all be glad that Sean the Non-Decision Maker isn't on the hospital board. He would have dropped four coffee pots by now.

Night falls on the hospital. Champagne corks are popped in House's office, where all the guys toast to Cuddy's genius (and even House has to admit that that's what it was) in saving their jobs. Cuddy stops by, and is warmly greeted and given a big flute of champagne. She proposes a toast to herself, "great champion," who saved everyone's jobs. And if it's poor form to toast to yourself, it's even worse to down the entire contents of your glass afterwards. Everyone starts to realize that Cuddy isn't in a partying mood. She puts the empty glass down and says that if House had the ability to get along with people, the hospital would still have its hundred million dollars, which could have saved lives and helped a lot of people. Keeping House may have been "the lesser of two evils," but that doesn't mean they should be happy about it. Much like how I doubt Sean is passing out cigars over in the neonatal ICU to celebrate his decision to choose the lesser of two evils. Having ruined everyone's good time, Cuddy leaves to mourn, and suggests that everyone else do the same.

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