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The Cottages ask Naomi's husband, Sean, whether he notices anything different about Naomi's eyelids. He says that her right one seems to be drooping a little, but that she is tired. Except that would make both of her eyelids droop, unless it's just the right half of her body that's tired, while the left remains awake and alert. Sure thing, Sean. Idiot. Chase sticks a viewer-thing down Naomi's throat and reports that he sees swelling, which is what was closing off Naomi's esophagus. Foreman says that they'll need to do an x-ray. They aren't advisable for pregnant woman, but this is so important that they have to do it anyway.

Wilson, actually acting in his oncologist capacity, takes a look at the x-rays. The news is bad.

Wilson shows the same films to Naomi and Sean, and says that Naomi has small cell lung cancer, which hasn't metastasized but is inoperable. Sean asks how lung cancer could have given his wife kidney and brain problems, and Wilson explains paraneoplastic syndrome. Her droopy eyelid is from something related to that, called Lambert-Eaton syndrome, which is associated with small cell lung cancer and was why House told the Cottages to check her eyelids. He's so smart. The couple asks about treatment options, and Wilson says that there really aren't any; small cell cancer is very aggressive, with a five-year survival rate of only 10%. They'll have to start chemo and radiation as soon as possible, which means that Naomi will have to have a C-section sooner than that. The chances that her baby will survive at twenty-eight weeks are 80%, which, while better than Naomi's chances, still aren't good enough for her, because an 80% chance that her baby will live means that there's a 20% chance that he'll die. Naomi asks what will happen if she waits on the chemo and allows the baby to grow, and Wilson says that the baby's chances of survival will improve, but that Naomi's will keep dropping. She only has two to four months to live without treatment, so she really can't wait two months to deliver a baby. Even so, Naomi wants to wait as long as possible. Yes, because I'm sure that her cancer-ridden, autoimmune-syndrome-having body makes for a healthy and nurturing womb. Sean tells Naomi she's not thinking right, and that he doesn't want her to die for their baby. Wilson agrees that putting treatment off, even if it's just for a week, could be the difference between Naomi's living and dying. But Naomi will not change her mind.

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