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Vogler asks Wilson to leave the room. Wilson protests that you can't just send the opposition out of the room and then vote again to make things unanimous, but Vogler says that this is for a brand-new vote: to dismiss Dr. James Wilson. Obviously, Wilson's involvement with the issue of his own job makes him biased, so he doesn't get to vote. Wilson stares at Vogler, while the woman to his right totally starts snickering. Apparently, Wilson isn't everyone's friend after all. The rest of the board make "uh oh," "this isn't good," or "what's going on?" faces as they realize that Vogler's hundred-million-dollar donation is going to be held over them every time he wants to get his way. Wilson gets up and leaves the room. Cuddy glares at Vogler and realizes that she can't let her hospital run this way. Nor can she let $100 million go.

The Cottages update House on Naomi's decision to save her child and kill herself. Foreman says that this would have been the perfect case for Cameron, since she's all about sacrificing herself for the greater good. Unfortunately, she already did that, so she's gone. And can I just say that this show has not suffered in the least little bit in her absence? Because if anything, it's better. More screen time for Wilson and Cuddy, hooray! More screen time for Vogler too, but he had plenty of screen time before Cameron left, so that hasn't really changed. Foreman thinks that Naomi is making the right call, and that it's very noble of her to go against her own self-preservation instinct to give her child a better chance to live. House tends to agree, although he thinks it's less about being noble and more about the biological instinct to propagate the species at all costs. But Naomi, not her baby, is House's patient, so he'll be treating Naomi. He wonders aloud whether there is a way to increase Naomi's odds against the cancer, and then wanders off to find an oncologist, having already paged the absent Wilson twice with no response. Foreman snarks that House's plan to cure cancer and save Naomi is fairly sound. Why didn't anyone think of it before? Honestly, that's probably what Cameron is doing at home right now.

The Vegan parents, still wearing the same clothes, chase House down in the hall. They made bail and they want to see their baby, but they're not allowed near her. They say they had no idea that their baby was starving, since they fed her all the time (apparently, they never picked her up and noticed that she was losing weight, though), and went to a nutritionist before they started the raw baby diet. "Raw baby diet" sounds wrong, but I'm keeping it. House scoffs at this, thinking that by "nutritionist," they mean the clerk at Whole Foods, but they say that it was actually Mommy Veg's uncle, who "went to college and everything." "And everything"? He does sound pretty knowledgeable. House thinks so too, and orders a CT scan for baby "Olive," but not before he makes fun of Olive's name. As far as hippie kids' names go, though, Olive got off pretty well. She could have been named "Lemon Jello," after all.

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