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The operating room prepares for the surgery. They put Naomi under, but then a doctor, who I believe is the same guy who played the ob/gyn in the other sick baby episode, gets off the phone and announces that the surgery has been cancelled.

A very smug Vogler takes the stairs into the lobby. The elevator doors open, and out comes House, screaming across the crowded room that Vogler is killing his patient. Witnesses are alarmed at these accusations, but not so much that they immediately pull their family members out of there and into a hospital where such accusations don't happen in public. Vogler says he figured throwing a patient into a drug trial five minutes after surgery wasn't exactly the safest thing you could do, either, and House says that Naomi knew what the risks were and she agreed to them. Vogler says that the drug trial doctor didn't, and House says that it wasn't his call to make, because it isn't his life to end. Vogler says that this is about more than one patient; if the drug is delayed going to market because someone in the clinical trials responded badly to it because of her very recent surgery, many more people will be at risk. Vogler won't let one person potentially put thousands more in danger. House screams that it's a good thing Vogler is saving all those people, then, and Vogler just laughs and tells House that there will be another vote about his job tonight, so he might as well spend his last evening of employment chilling out with his Gameboy or watching GH. In fact, Vogler heard that they're firing the "handsome doctor" today, so that'll be a great episode for House to watch. Vogler seriously needs to work on his comeback lines. All he did was reveal that he thinks House is handsome and that he is such a General Hospital fan that he even reads the spoilers. It's not exactly a stinging remark. With that, Vogler leaves, and House turns to Cuddy, who was watching this all unfold from behind a desk.

The couple and the Cottages discuss Naomi's treatment options now that she'll have to wait thirty days after her surgery for the drug. They're interrupted before reaching a resolution when Naomi stops being able to breathe. On the Magic School Bus Cam, a blood clot lodges itself in her lungs. Chase confirms that it's a pulmonary embolism, and they rush Naomi into surgery.

Foreman tells Sean that he has a difficult choice to make right now: the baby should be removed from the mother and her non-oxygen-getting lungs as soon as possible. But giving Naomi a C-section in her condition would be very dangerous to the mother. Sean chooses Naomi. If she survives this, she's going to be really mad at him.

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