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Nolan is still stuck on relationships and what they have to do with everything. House is okay with Wilson and Sam's relationship, so it's not that. House says yes, Wilson and Sam are happy. "Everyone's happy. Everyone's moving in together," House says; "Wilson, Sam ... Cuddy and Lucas." Nolan hadn't heard this news about Cuddy and Lucas before. Apparently, she and Lucas are moving in together for real this time because Cuddy has some seriously low standards. Nolan suddenly remembers that Cuddy is the name of the man who wrote that book House was so keen on getting back from the pawn shop. I guess when Nolan isn't reading up on wooden boats he's memorizing the names of doctors who wrote medical texts like 100 years ago. Dr. Ernest P. Cuddy wrote that book, and he's Cuddy's great-grandfather. House has had the book for years, waiting for a special occasion to give it to her. If House wasn't such an asshole and didn't say such horrible things to Cuddy, that would be romantic. But he is and does, so it isn't. House refuses to acknowledge that this is significant because he's either in denial or doesn't want Nolan to know his true inner feelings, but Nolan isn't fooled. He says House identified with Sydney's husband and his desperation to hang onto the woman he loved even if she didn't feel the same way. House thinks it's ridiculous that he's getting drunk and beaten up over a woman he isn't with and who is moving in with someone else. And with that, he decides that therapy isn't really working for him after all. He told Nolan he wanted to be happy and did what Nolan asked him to (well, not really, but whatever) and a year later, he's still miserable and everyone else is happy. "Whatever the answer is, you don't have it," House says, and leaves.

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