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Special Education

House enters the meeting room to find out that Foreman already knows about the new boss. The other Cottages did not, and while Kumar worries that House will rip Cameron apart, Hadley just looks concerned for her own future at PPTH, a wise move since Cameron seems to totally hate her. Foreman predicts that Cameron will rip House apart in her overzealousness to assert her newfound authority (you mean, like Foreman didn't do when he had the same role a few seasons back? In a plotline that was just as stupid then as it is now?), while Taub diagnoses their new patient with a bleeding ulcer. Foreman decides the problem is in the patient's blood and goes for a leukemia diagnosis. Hadley argues that a thoracic tumor is a better fit, so House accuses her of disagreeing with Foreman to hide the fact that she's sleeping with him, and Hadley squirms. Kumar is surprised, even though it seemed like he figured this out last episode, while Taub just looks annoyed that Hadley didn't try to sleep with him first. Foreman announces that he and Hadley are seeing each other, but no one needs to discuss this further. Yeah, right. That'll work. House says this adds a new dimension to differential sessions, like how he can't be sure if Hadley really thinks there's a thoracic tumor or just saying that for appearances. Hadley tells House to judge their diagnoses on their own merit and smiles smugly, thinking she's gotten one over on House. Not so. House laughs and says that's a terrible idea. He sends them off to run a bleeding time test to confirm that the problem is in the patient's blood.

Kumar makes a cut in the patient's arm and Hadley starts the timer. Kumar comments that she didn't even flinch when he sliced her arm, and she says that's because she went to her "happy place." Hadley's eyes bulge and she says they probably shouldn't let House anywhere near this patient. Don't you go ruining my fun, Hadley! I think House needs to be locked in a room with this patient! Kumar just asks the patient about her happy place. She says it's her classroom and the special needs kids she loves and whose pictures she has by her bedside. She talks about teaching a kid with cerebral palsy how to use scissors was like going on a journey and how they both cried with joy when he was able to do it. After that, Kumar agrees with Hadley and tells the woman not to go into any detail if she ever meets their boss. And with that, her blood isn't clotting the way it's supposed to. Kumar tells the patient not to worry, and that they'll figure out where the problem is and fix it. The patient says she's not worried at all. Clearly, she has never seen an episode of this show before.

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