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Um ... I don't want to visit Cuddy at home anymore. I don't care about her baby. Why are we here? Wilson stops by to visit, since apparently PPTH is out of cancer today, and says Rachel is beautiful. And she is, since this week they're using a real, live baby! Wilson asks Cuddy what Rachel is like, saying when his cousin had a baby, he'd assigned it all kinds of emotions and personality traits within the first two days of its life. Not Cuddy: "she cries, she eats, and she poops," she says. It's obvious to the audience, Wilson, and Cuddy herself that she is not enjoying motherhood like she thought she would. And then she starts crying. Well, at least Wilson has something to do now. Cuddy says she doesn't "feel" anything. Uh oh. She doesn't feel amazed by the baby or in love with her, like she thinks she's supposed to. How can you look at a baby -- any baby -- and not feel amazed? They're amazing. Wilson doesn't really know what to say, since he's a guy and not a father and stuff, and this conversation would be incredibly awkward and difficult for anyone. Cuddy tells him to forget she said anything, but now he's concerned enough to call her "Lisa." She waves him off and says she's taking care of the baby and not neglecting her at all. "She will be okay," Cuddy says, although I'm pretty sure love is just as important to a baby as food and being burped, and Rachel isn't getting any of that. Wilson just pats Cuddy on the shoulder and beats a hasty retreat, like we all would. Well, I wasn't expecting this.

The patient's platelets are looking rough, as both Hadley and Foreman tell House, who now says the fact that they're agreeing is because they're trying to show that their relationship will not affect their work. Taub is sick of the Hadley/Foreman relationship talk (SO AM I) and interrupts to give a diagnosis of lymphoma. This is rejected, and Kumar goes for ITP, which probably stands for something long and complicated and hard to spell and since it won't be the right answer, I'm not going to look it up. The standard treatment is methotrexate, but House would like to pepper that with some total body irradiation. Everyone objects to this because the severe side effects outweigh the evidence that such a drastic procedure is necessary. At the very least, Kumar says, it's premature. House says that while there is someone assigned to stop him from dangerous unnecessary treatments, no one can stop him from being premature. And with that, he does his best Beavis and Butthead chuckle as the elevator doors close.

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