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Special Education

House goes to Cameron, who's looking overwhelmed behind Cuddy's desk. You know who probably isn't overwhelmed? The ER. Without Cameron around to ruin things, they're probably running better than ever! Except for the fact that they've all got to be really angry that a lowly and fairly new ER doctor could suddenly be promoted over all of their heads. That might slow things down a little. House says he wants to treat his patient for ITP with total body irradiation before she bleeds into her brain. House is shocked when Cameron says that sounds like a fine idea. He says some people thought Cameron would be extra-brutal to him to mark her territory, and a hurt Cameron asks who thought that. House implies it was Foreman, and Cameron says she's not here to play games, unlike everyone else on this show. If House comes to her with a reasonable request that makes medical sense, she'll approve it. Except that the total body irradiation doesn't really fulfill either of those conditions. With that, House requests oral sex. He doesn't get it, and I really don't enjoy watching him ask. There's a fine line between funny flirting and gross old man, and it just got crossed.

House de-elevators, where the Cottages inform him that the drug for ITP has been administered and isn't working. Maybe they should give it more than three seconds to work, then. House says he needs a reason not to do total body irradiation now that he's gotten the green light to do it, as it's incredibly dangerous and not yet necessary. But he can't just not do it, because then Cameron will know that he never really intended to do it in the first place and only asked to test her. Ha! She called his bluff. Good for her. Already, she's a better administrator than Cuddy. Probably a better mother, too. Hell, Rachel's biological mother was probably a better mother than Cuddy at this point. House says he was hoping Cameron would shoot him down and get the power trip out of her system so that when he went to her with something crazy that he actually wanted to do, she'd say yes. Obviously, that didn't work. "You're screwed," Taub says. Hadley, on the other hand, speaks up not to spout unhelpful negativity, but because she has an idea: they go through all the motions to irradiate the patient except actually doing it. So now they're calling Cameron's bluff which was a call of House's bluff? This is starting to turn into an episode of I Love Lucy. And you know who won't be bluffed in all of this? The patient's insurance company when they get a bill for total body irradiation that never happened. Taub just wants to know if there's anything they can do that will actually help their patient while they're pretending to kill her. House ups her methotrexate and adds prednisone. Yeah, giving her drugs for a condition she doesn't have should do wonders for her overall health.

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