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After the break, the Cottages object to House's new symptom, of course. House says the fact that Sara transposed those classroom numbers and went to the wrong classroom that one time is more than enough proof that she has a lesion in her left brain. Kumar sticks up for Sara, saying he misdialed a phone number this morning, so he must have brain damage, too. House adds that Sara also didn't go to the bathroom before her fake irradiation, which shows an inability to predict the future, which is also a left brain thing, as Hadley points out. I can't predict the future, either -- should I be worried? Does this mean that woman who walked up to me on the street the other day and offered to read my palm for just five dollars is smarter than me? Damn. Taub and Foreman remain dubious, with Foreman saying that this is just House refusing to believe that someone can't be a good person without having something wrong with her brain. Kumar is more productive, and says the platelets and the heart attack indicate a pancreatic tumor. House prefers MS, though, because it'll need a dangerous and possibly unnecessary test to prove, like a brain biopsy. Kumar stands up and demands they test for the pancreatic tumor with an ERCP. Whatever gets House back into Cameron's office is fine with him.

And so, they go in front of Cameron to argue their causes. House says that they need to do the brain biopsy immediately, because if it is MS, it'll affect her lungs next. Cameron, of course, sides with House ... sort of. She says they'll assume the problem is in Sara's brain, but to prove it, she wants him to do an MRI first. If the plaques are there, then he can do his biopsy. House accuses Cameron of wasting everyone's time by not giving him a yes or no answer, and says that wasting Sara's time could kill her. So why is he wasting time with fake irradiations, then? He tells Cameron to choose a side. She just tells him to do the MRI. Oh no! Sara's going into the MRI of DOOOM!! Damn you, Cameron!

Cuddy pays Wilson a visit, Rachel in tow. And she's carrying Rachel around in her car seat and not in her arms, which is probably a bad sign. She puts Rachel on the ground and admits to Wilson that she doesn't want to go home. And she's also considering House's idea to give the baby back. Wilson tells her that House might be a brilliant doctor, but he sucks when it comes to the human stuff. Cuddy knows this, but she still feels like she's in prison at home with the baby and free when she's at PPTH without it. Wilson says parents have to make sacrifices. "I don't know if I want to," Cuddy says. Did she not know this was going to happen? That a baby takes lots of time and energy? Or did she think that she'd love the baby enough to make those sacrifices without regret, and now that she doesn't, she can't? Cuddy says that she feels like a failure, and sits back in her chair and looks at Rachel, who glares at her accusingly. Doesn't Cuddy have family to talk to about this stuff? I know Wilson's a friend and all, but a presumably straight guy with no kids of his own is probably not the best person to talk to about this kind of thing. Surely, Cuddy knows a couple mothers who can tell her that parenting is all about feeling like a failure and making sacrifices and being terrified that you aren't doing the right thing. Wilson stammers out that he doesn't really know what to tell Cuddy. And the writers don't know where else to take this scene, so it ends.

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