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The police officer is calling Wilson in on his radio while House makes fun of Wilson's attempt to explain his driving to the officer. He said he "lost track of [his] speed." "I think that was Hitler's excuse. 'Lost track of the Jews,'" House says. I doubt it. Hitler couldn't have lost track of the Jews. He had them all labeled and everything, just for that purpose. House says he thinks Wilson was trying to "protect" him by not telling the officer what really happened. I think Wilson knows that telling the officer that his handicapped passenger shoved his cane on the gas peddle wouldn't have made any difference, so he just went for the simplest explanation to make this go as quickly as possible. "You are going to this funeral," Wilson says. "Mmmbop; ba dooba dop bah doo bop," Hanson says.

House tells Foreman to "make it fast." Foreman says they found a large cyst in Nicole's pancreas as the officer returns to the car and tells Wilson to step outside. Uh oh. "Wilson's getting arrested," House explains. Foreman immediately asks House what he did to make this happen, knowing full well that no one gets arrested around House without it being entirely his fault. House claims he's just joking as the officer cuffs Wilson, who stares at House through the windshield, more disgusted with himself than surprised at this turn of events. Foreman says the cyst is "at least" 8 centimeters in diameter. Before he can say anything more, the officer tells House to get out of the car and starts to take his phone. House only has time to let out a metaphor about a construction site and a steamroller before it's confiscated. I guess House could tell the officer that he's a doctor and that was a very important phone call, but since the officer just heard him talking about construction sites and steamrollers, I don't think he'll buy it. As House starts to get out of the car, the officer tells him to leave the cane behind. Unlike Wilson, he's anticipating House using it as a weapon. As he pats House down and cuffs him, he tells Wilson there's a warrant out in Louisiana for his arrest. Okay, but why arrest House? Since when was it illegal to sit in a car with a wanted man?

Back at PPTH, the Cottages are left to try to figure out House's metaphor, which is pretty much impossible. Kumar tries, but Foreman tells him to give it up, saying the metaphors are hard enough to decipher after they've been explained. Taub, meanwhile, keeps trying to call House and lets everyone know that he isn't answering his phone. "There's not going to be an answer! They've been arrested!" Foreman says, losing his patience. Taub says he'll try to call Wilson. Foreman looks like he wants to strangle him. Meanwhile, Hadley and Kumar are still going on about steamrollers. There's no help to be found here, so Forman leaves the room.

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