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Wilson runs up, puts a hand on House's shoulder, and whispers to him to "put it back." "He's not gonna miss it," House shrugs, totally not sad at all. Aw, I thought he was human for a second, I really did. I'm such a sucker. House tells Wilson he'll only be upsetting the rest of the funeral attendees if he makes a big deal out of this. With that, they enter an unspoken agreement to go to another room and leave the funeral.

While some old lady lies dead in a coffin behind him, Wilson says he can't believe he's still surprised when House does things like this. I think it's telling that House was never able to get close enough to his father to get a DNA sample until after the guy was dead. House tells Wilson to cut the holier-than-thou act, since he enjoys watching House do the things he does. Unlike what Wilson did to House, House never had to force Wilson to "come along for the ride." House somehow jumps from that to CTB's death, saying it threw Wilson because he has to be prepared for the worst at all times, and he wasn't prepared with CTB because she was young and healthy and not supposed to die. He thinks Wilson is so scared of losing the person who means the most to him that he's dumping him before it can happen. Wilson denies this, saying he's just trying to move forward. He accuses House of making everything about him: CTB's death, his father's death, everything. Well, the show is called House. That's to be expected. "Admit it. You're scared of losing me," House says, thoroughly enjoying himself. He says "admit it" over and over again as Wilson tries to deny it, stepping closer and closer to him until the dead woman finally sits up and tells them to make out already. Actually, Wilson gets so angry that he picks up a bottle of Maker's Mark that is conveniently sitting on a table (must be an Irish funeral) and launches it through a stained glass window. "Still not boring!" House says. Wow, what's up with Wilson and his irrational hatred of bottles and antiques?

After the break, House and Wilson have made their way to a diner, where Wilson asks House if he knew Wilson was going to throw the bottle. House says he's always known that Wilson has trouble losing people (unlike the rest of us, who are just fine with death and loss). Back in New Orleans, he saw Wilson carrying around an express delivery package that he never opened. This intrigued House, so he checked out the return address on the package and saw a divorce attorney. And that was the end of Wilson's first marriage. Wilson is struck by this, wondering if House bailed him out of jail because he was being nice to a guy who was having a rough time. Divorce or not, I don't think it's all that crazy to throw a bottle because a guy won't stop playing the same Billy Joel song over and over again. In fact, I think it's perfectly justifiable. That's really annoying behavior.

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