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Wilson stops by House's office. Well, well, well. Look who came crawling back, and much sooner than I expected. I thought this would last half the season at least. He finds House drinking at work and in full view of anyone who should happen to walk past his office. Wilson asks what that's about. House claims he's celebrating. The results of the DNA test are in, and Father House is not Biological Father House after all. Wilson is impressed as hell with 12 year-old House's mad detective skillz and doesn't understand why House seems so bummed to get the news he said he wanted. House says the news itself isn't what depresses him; it's the fact that it doesn't make any difference. Biological father or not, Father House was his father and raised him, not the Sean Connery guy. Wilson says we don't get to choose our parents, and he's not even sure we get to choose our friends. Those of us who aren't gluttons for punishment do. As for Wilson, he talked to Cuddy and she hasn't filled his position yet (surprise, surprise -- Cuddy can't do anything right. Her cancer patients are suffering and need a doctor and she's dragging her stiletto heels), so he's coming back. "That strange, annoying trip we just took was the most fun I've had since Amber died," Wilson says. I guess he likes fishing things out of grates. With that, House invites him out for dinner. They move to leave, but then House stops. "Wilson," he says, and here I thought maybe we'd get some kind of sincere and real apology or something from House about CTB. We don't, but we do get a glimmer of a human moment all the same. "My dad's dead," he says. "Yeah. My sympathies," says Wilson. They leave together.

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