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Hey, who's that blonde woman? She looks familiar, and yet ... I just can't place her. And she's with some blond guy who also looks familiar. They seem to know Foreman. Maybe he was adopted into a white family too, and these are his siblings? Oh wait! It's Cameron and Chase! What's going on, you two? Ah, I see Cameron is being her very Cameroniest and trying to order flowers for House's mother from her ex-boss. She asks Chase if House would be more likely to send the "gentle comfort arrangement" or the "warm thoughts bouquet." Chase doesn't even answer before Cameron hastens to add "if he wasn't an ass." Don't be insulting to asses, Cameron. Donkeys are more sympathetic to their mothers when they lose a spouse than House is. And don't send either of those flower arrangements, because they both sound super-lame. "Gentle comfort arrangement?" That sounds like a dryer sheet. Come on. Chase has a much better idea: a giant cookie shaped like a coffin. Cameron is horrified, but Chase says Mother House would actually believe her son sent that. And she'd get a delicious cookie! I see nothing wrong with that plan. Foreman says he didn't tell them about Father House's death so that Cameron could go running to the nearest computer to start ordering flowers; he did it to show them the depths to which their former boss has sunk, having to be kidnapped to attend his own father's funeral.

Kumar walks up and says they were finally able to get Nicole's bleeding under control. Cameron is surprised to hear the patient is both clotting and bleeding, as if that's never happened before. Kumar says clotting and bleeding means DIC, which also somehow means cancer. Cameron suggests leukemia, but Kumar points out that her white blood cell count was normal, so how about looking at her chart before talking nonsense, Cameron? Go order some flowers. Foreman suspects a tumor in Nicole's GI tract. Kumar points out that House already did an ultrasound there and didn't find anything. Foreman says he wasn't looking for a tumor. Yeah, but if one was there, House would have found it. Have a little faith, Foreman. He sends Kumar off to give Nicole a CT scan. "I don't buy it," Chase says. Foreman gets all defensive, thinking Chase is doubting his diagnosis, but Chase is talking about House's reaction to his father's death. He says he hated his father, but when he died he was so upset he killed a patient. I still say the patient killed herself by not telling anyone about her bloody diarrhea, and I'll always say that. If you keep bloody shit a secret, you're gonna die! It's simple as that. Chase says House can act like he doesn't care about his dead father, but he thinks he's a mess inside. I'd like to think that, but I'm not so sure.

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