Blowing the Whistle

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Army Men
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A young boy is waiting at the airport for his Uncle Brant. I know that because he's got a sign that says "Welcome Home Uncle Brant." His father, who is in uniform, tells him not to be sad that his daddy is going off to war. The kid, in case it matters, is named Evan. Uncle Brant comes down an escalator in the company of several soldiers who clearly have him in custody. Brant is a PFC and his brother is a captain. Oh, and Brant has been charged with treason. And if that's not enough, he also collapses and goes into seizures right there in the airport. Man, this just isn't Brant's day.

House and his team watch a blocky black-and-white video of civilians being shot. Foreman says there will be MPs at every entrance to the second floor. He starts to go through the usual introduction, but House dismisses him. It's time for the diagnoses! House rejects typhus. Park wants to talk about Brant being the anonymous whistleblower who leaked the video. And she thinks Brant's EEG is normal because he's faking it to get out of prison.

The team (minus House) walks through the hallway and Adams reveals that she thinks House is sick. Chase thinks they should ignore it: "If you believe House is sick, it's only because that's what he wants you to believe."

Adams gives Brant a pill for possible blood clots in his leg. Park interrogates him on why he leaked the video. He feels it was the right thing to do, but Park says that insurgents are using it to recruit. Brant's brother is there and they argue about their father, who apparently saved some lives in Tora Bora by breaking rules. He died in a one-car accident. Brant announces that he can't feel his legs. Normally, that would be more dramatic, but the pill Adams gave him was a placebo to see if he'd fake another symptom. Brant also claims to have a hurt stomach. It's covered in bruises or something. Adams concludes, "He's not faking."

House throws back some pills. The team argues about whether Brant is honorable. Chase tries out pancreatitis, but now House is off on a tangent about honor. Taub decides they'll ultrasound Brant to see if there's anything blocking his bile. I always like it when real medicine (or, well, real-sounding medicine in this case) has to reference bile. It's just one step from there to balancing the humors. Everyone but Adams and House leaves. Adams has a form she needs House to sign and he won't do it.

Wilson is doing clinic hours. This nice couple met at the 99-cent store. Adams barges in to insist that Wilson attend to her instead. He diagnosis the man with an infection related to compulsive nose-picking and now the couple is broken up. Adams wants Wilson to look at House's signature today compared to six months earlier. House is shaky, inattentive and forgetful. She claims that House's liver is in decline. Wilson tells her that when you work with House, you start imagining things like this. He assures her there's nothing wrong with him.

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