Blowing the Whistle

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Army Men

Then Wilson interrupts House in a darkened room, where he's taking a nap. There's a guy in there snoring because House drugged him. Wilson thinks House is sick and wants to run some tests for liver damage as a result of Vicodin abuse. House declines. Wilson leaves, turning off the lights.

Patient's Room. Captain Brant's Brother says there's been another attack. Everyone blames Brant, although he points out that the attack would have taken longer than three days to plan. So it couldn't be his fault. The reason he entered the army was to find out what happened to his father. There were two redacted pages and he figured he could raise his security level. But while he was there, he saw this stuff and released it because it was the right thing to do. Just then! Park sees that his spleen's enlarged. And there's blood in his urine. His spleen's been sequestering platelets. To the OR! The operation reveals that his spleen is lumpy. Apparently they're not supposed to be.

Taub and House play a first-person shooter game so we can see that they've named themselves "Taubinator" and "Occam's Chainsaw." House makes Taub guess what's wrong with Brant while also playing. Oh, and I guess there's some kind of parallelism going on with House and Taub pretending to be soldiers while there's a soldier in the hospital. Taub has to keep pitching and eventually comes up with sarcoidosis, which is treated with steroids.

Adams tells the rest of the team that House losing is more evidence that there's something wrong with him. Taub insists that he can win legitimately. Chase thinks House is faking it to screw with them.

Brant refuses his injection. He's not taking any more treatment until he gets a live television interview. He's not getting that! He says he wants to tell people about how that latest attack had nothing to do with him. Taub says he's not going to change anyone's mind. The brothers have another exchange about their father: "If dad were here, he'd be begging you not to do this." "If dad were here, he'd be proud of me."

Foreman's office. Sure enough, Brant is not going to be getting a live television interview. Chase wants to declare Brant incompetent so they can treat him against his will. Brant's brother is there, and his testimony could sway a court. But he's not going to say that Brant is crazy.

The team is in the hallway when Taub claims that a local bathroom is out of order. House leads them all to it and claims he's going to fix it. He goes into a stall and says he's going to give Brant something he wants more than an interview.

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