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Dream a Little Dream
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A child is sleeping. Someone enters the bedroom -- someone with dirty feet. The music tries to be scary. It's an old lady who's choking him, which I guess really is pretty scary. Then his mother enters the room to wake him up and also call him "Lue." Lue still can't breathe. She tells him to relax and take slow, deep breaths. But he can't!

House enters the lobby while Foreman tries to tell him about Lue's problem. Night terrors and all. House decides it is stress-induced panic attacks. He also gloats about having sex with Dominika in a dream. The thing that catches his interest is learning that the kid has recurring dreams about a hag strangling him. And he's Hmong.

House tells his team that this sort of thing is common. In fact, he thinks it's related to over a hundred other unsolved cases of Hmong children mysteriously dying in their death. It's called "Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome," which doesn't really explain anything. Park thinks dreams don't mean anything and can be ignored. House wants to know what Park's been dreaming about that she wants to distance herself from. Chase and Park are sent to one team and Adams and Taub to another, but Park wants to switch teams. She denies that it's because she's been having sex dreams about Chase, but that's clearly what's going on. Also, he wants the entire team to read every file in the box.

Chase and Adams work on Lue, checking for pneumonia. Chase interrogates the mother to find out if she's been teaching Lue that evil spirits could get him in the night. No -- she's an engineer.

House bursts into the room where Wilson is examining a woman's breasts. For medical reasons. He wants to tell Wilson that he had a dream where he had sex with Dominika. Wilson isn't interested.

Taub and Park examine Lue's house. Taub thinks it's normal to dream about having sex with people at work. Park accurately points out that Taub's had actual sex with people at work. Taub suggests that Chase might just represent work. Maybe she's in love with her job? They are distracted by a smell, which might be a wet dog. Or maybe mold. Taub sees no sign of water damage. They go into a bedroom, where they find some blood on the wall. And a pig's head in the middle of a circle of blood on the floor.

Lue's mother denies knowing anything about a dismembered pig in Lue's bedroom. She realizes it was her father-in-law, who's sitting over there on a bench. He did it, all right. Just then! BEEP BEEP BEEP! Lue's coding! Out with the paddles!

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