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Dream a Little Dream

House wants to know about the ceremony, which Park says is to get the soul back. Taub further explains that Lue's grandfather also allegedly lost his soul after beating someone to death. So he didn't move away; he's in jail. Park vehemently insists that Lue doesn't have PTSD and a few other diagnoses are thrown out by House on the grounds that they don't match any of the other cases he's decided are exactly the same as this one. Taub pitches acute pericarditis, which gets worse when you lie on your back... which happens when you go to sleep. Just like the other cases! Before they break, Park lets them all know that she likes her job.

House barges into Wilson's office and tries to go into a story about his sex dream. But Wilson says that the floss doesn't represent sex; it's guilt over throwing away her INS notice. "Tell her the truth and leave me alone."

Park and Chase in the lab. Chase denies ever having dreamt about sex with Park, which she thinks is because his subconscious finds her abhorrent. Show, stop pretending Park's gross. They get to the patient's room, where there are some new symptoms. There's a problem with his bowels, so Chase wants to biopsy his thyroid. It makes sense to the team, so what are you complaining about?

House and Dominika eat Chinese food in his office. He tells her he's had news. He claims to have called and that they said it'll be a couple of weeks before there's a decision. Maybe a month. She is mildly dismayed. House asks if she's ever shot anyone.

Lue is supposed to get a shot. He freaks out and shouts in Hmong. But he doesn't speak Hmong and neither does his mother. Her father-in-law does, though. He claims that something is speaking through Lue. Anyway, Lue starts seizing.

Chase admits that the seizure rules out his thyroid idea. The main issue though, is how Lue learned Hmong. House rules that it was just gibberish that the grandfather interpreted as Hmong. The grandfather has a vested interest in believing Lue to be possessed, because it would mean Lue's father was also possessed and not a regular murderer. Anyway, they all agree there's a neurological component. Park suggests scleroderma that's progressed to the point where it's affecting his brain. House calls it interesting, but that's just to trick Chase into agreeing. Adams has Rasmussen's encephalitis and House sends them off to get an MRI.

The mother and the Grandfather talk to Chase. The grandfather tells Chase that his son had the same dreams as Lue. He was bright and happy until the bad dreams came again. Chase just tells him not to scare the boy. So they're just ignoring the possibility of a genetic component?

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