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Taub and Adams go to the patient's room to get approval for surgery. The exorcism is still happening. Just then! BEEP BEEP BEEP! Adams wants the mother to stop the exorcism, which doesn't really seem to be hurting anything. No dice. Adams administers Ibuprofen.

House is at home in bed, popping Vicodin and drinking brown liquors. Dominika asks why he's sulking. House says that either religion is killing a kid or he is. Dominika climbs on top of him and strokes his face. She kisses him and he apparently doesn't respond. She kisses him again and he does. She takes her top off and the kissing continues. House's phone goes off and he says he won't answer. She announces that it's killing the mood (what she says is "This is killing mood!") and goes to answer it. It's US Citizenship! "This is Mrs. House. Please give good news so my husband and I can go back to sex!" She is delighted! Then she looks at House, who breaks eye contact. She asks them how many notices they sent her. After she hangs up, he apologizes. She leaves, clutching her top to cover herself. Nice going, House. People almost forgot you were a sociopathic creep. Now you have to act extra-sad in the last few episodes to make up for it.

Adams and Taub tell the mother that Lue will be okay. She decides that the exorcism worked. She doesn't buy the theory that Ibuprofen magically fixed Lue's heart, since it's traditionally thought of as a headache cure. Then she tells Lue that the grandfather saved him. Taub: "There were two things we thought were impossible. One of them wasn't. That's all we know." Oh, whatever. It's way too late to add a supernatural element to this show.

Dominika leaves House's apartment while he looks on, pensively. She gives him a sad, no-arms hug before going out the door. House is alone.

Chase and Park wait for the elevator. Park asks if she was good. Chase insists that it doesn't mean anything. Park suggests that maybe he "wants some of this." Or, she says, it means they like and trust each other. Then she farts in front of him.

House goes into Wilson's office. He doesn't quite barge in. He announces that Adams defied him, resulting in one more zealot in the world. And Dominika moved out. "I am surprisingly depressed by this." Wilson counters with, "I have cancer. Stage 2." He got the tests back that morning. I'd like to say that House looks like a man whose world is ending in four weeks, but really he just stares straight ahead.

Next week: will they kill Wilson? They might! The series is ending! All bets are off! They're crazy! No, but seriously, Wilson will be fine. Don't be dumb.

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