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Get Happy

"You took Vicodin," she says when House opens the door. His expression changes from happy to see her to freaked out that she knows the truth. "When you came to my hospital room that night, you were stoned," Cuddy says. House just asks how she figured it out. Cuddy says she should have known earlier; her subconscious was trying to tell her that House wouldn't be able to handle this without his drugs. House assures her that he only did it once, but Cuddy says that's not the point; House was trying to protect himself from feeling pain, like always. Cuddy says House can't love someone without being open to feeling her pain and taking on her problems, and House doesn't seem to want or be able to do that. House says he does; he was, after all, by her side in the end. Cuddy says he kind of wasn't. "I wanted to be," he says. "That's not enough," Cuddy says. "I can do better," House says. Again. This time, Cuddy isn't going for it. She says House will always choose himself over anyone and everyone else. "That's who you are," she says, giving House's face a pre-dumping stroke. House begs her not to do this. She does.

Taub sends Ryan's flash drive to the police in an envelope with no return address.

Sister Cuddy consoles her sister as she cries in great, having sobs. That cannot be good for her kidney stitches.

And House decides to extend his relapse a little bit longer. He sits on his bathroom floor, just like last time, and waits for Cuddy to appear in the doorway and stop him, just like last time. But she doesn't. So he does.

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