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Raise Your Alien Hand If You're Sure

A distraught-looking Cuddy enters Wilson's office. Wilson, who may or may not have been real during this episode. Most likely, he was real in some scenes and not in others. Check his tie. House walks in after her, looking totally lost and scared, and now Wilson is very concerned.

Let's get some Rolling Stones! "As Tears Go By" plays as some random child throws flower petals on the aisle. Everyone's there to see Cameron and Chase enter a life together of crappy communication and general insanity. Even Mrs. Taub showed up! Cameron walks up the aisle by herself. No dad to walk her down the aisle? Did they blow the entire guest star budget on Mrs. Taub or something? There are lots of smiles as she walks towards her soon-to-be husband.

There's no smiling in Wilson's car, which has driven so far away from the wedding scene that it's raining outside. Wilson drives House up a long driveway towards a very scary building.

Cuddy shows up late for the wedding with Rachel. She smiles at people and sits down. When no one is looking at her, she sighs and looks very sad.

Wilson and House get out of the car.

Chase puts a ring on Cameron's finger.

House gives Wilson his wallet. I hope it has enough money in it to pay Wilson back for all those lunches he bought House.

Cameron puts a ring on Chase's finger.

House gives Wilson his watch. Possibly the one that Kumar gave him.

Cameron and Chase say I do.

House gets his suitcase and his cane and looks at Wilson before stepping around him and towards the building, which Wilson parked inconsiderately far away from.

Chase may now kiss the bride. Will I have to start calling her Chase 2 now?

House walks towards the building in dramatic slow-motion.

The newlyweds get a standing ovation and walk down the aisle, hand-in-hand. The crowd applauds except for Cuddy, who is clearly having a hard time keeping it together.

And House climbs up the stairs to the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, which looks like a sanitarium out of the late 1800s. Seriously, is there a less foreboding and creepy building they could have used instead? I wouldn't leave my crazy worst enemy at this place, let alone my crazy best friend. A woman and two men in white coats help House inside. He takes one look back at Wilson and the door closes. And that's the end of the season! As usual, another happy ride ending on a truly hopeful and positive note. And also as usual, I have no idea where the show will go next and am looking forward to finding out in the fall.

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