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Raise Your Alien Hand If You're Sure

While House twirls the lipstick tube in his hand, the Cottages get to differential diagnosing, as their bathroom fungus theory has been ruled out. House suggests a slow-growing meningioma that is somehow causing Scott's brain hemispheres to communicate again. They're sending messages to each other, but it's too early in the process for Scott to be aware of it. Foreman is happy to report that they are still able to test for it.

House has run a test of his own. He reports to Wilson's office with "proof" in the form of two pictures of Cuddy, taken by the camera device. They're thermal imaging photos, and House says Cuddy's face becomes heated after less than a minute in House's presence. Wilson says that could mean love ... or rage. House orders Wilson not to get involved by doing something like talking to Cuddy to manipulate this relationship into being. House needs to find out which Cuddy is telling the truth -- the one that slept with him last night, or the one who dumped him this morning. Wilson says that House is approaching this like a medical case when he should really just "be an adult." Yeah, House doesn't look too eager to do that.

They've got Scott set up in yet another one of PPTH's silly rooms. I really want someone to make a map of PPTH based on what we've seen in the past five seasons. I'd do it, but I'm still burnt out from that flowchart I made in the beginning of this season. It's probably House, Wilson, and Cuddy's offices, the locker room, the Clinic, the ER, the OR, the lobby, the cafeteria, the huge doctor's lounge, and then ten giant single-use rooms and a basement full of pianos. Oh, and the janitor's closet. Anyway, this silly room contains a chair, three huge flat-screen TVs, and a booth up above for the Cottages to hang out in. Scott will sit in the chair and look at the plus sign on the screen in front of him. This will mean that whatever comes up on the screen to his right will only be seen by his left brain and whatever comes up on the screen to his left will be seen by the right. He'll only be able to tell them what comes up on the right side unless that tumor is allowing both sides to communicate. With that, a few words flash on the right screen that Scott reads out loud. When the word "candle" pops up on the left side, he claims he doesn't see it. But his alien hand is able to draw a picture of a candle. It even drew a lit candle, just to be sassy. The Cottages find this "cool" or, in Hadley's case, "freaky." House enters, and Foreman reports that they've found no evidence of communication yet. "Stand up" appears on the left screen, and Scott stands up. When Foreman asks him why he stood up, Scott says he's cold and wants to get a sweater. Foreman says he can go when they're done, and House says they just saw the left brain in action -- obsessed with finding answers, it found a way to make the order the right brain saw make sense to the rest of the body. Taub steps up for his right brain peeps, saying that it can make connections that the left brain cannot. House's insight comes from his right brain, not the logical left. House continues to hate on his right brain, and Hadley doesn't really care. She says that Scott's brain hemispheres are not communicating, so House's theory was wrong. Also, Scott is squirming in his chair and scratching the right side of his torso. When House goes to investigate, Scott says it itches. "Ammonia breath!" House announces. Geez, House -- Scott is right there. That's kinda rude. Just offer the guy an Altoid or something. Oh, I see -- ammonia breath is a symptom of liver failure, which we can also see in the rash on the liver area of Scott's body.

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