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It's All In Your Head

House shows up at rounds, this time lead by Cuddy. Even though she only said she was going to lead rounds because House was causing trouble so there's no reason for her to be there since he said he quit. But anyway, he says he's feeling much better now and takes back the quitting thing. He's here to get his medical license back. Cuddy says it won't be that simple -- either House quit because he was having a problem or he quit to jerk her around. Regardless of which one it was, it needs to be addressed, most likely in the most immature and unproductive manner possible. Cuddy and House step out into the hall as the med students watch and listen in. They hear House say, "I can see your nipples" to the Dean of Medicine and the female med students confer. The tall redhead says Cuddy hates House, but the shorter brunette thinks it's more the opposite. The male student says nothing, most likely because he's too busy mentally reconsidering his decision to attend Princeton Medical School.

House returns to the meeting room, where Foreman and Cameron tell him that the scan was negative for bone cancer, they don't know where Chase is, and they have no idea what could be wrong with Donny. They are useless on all fronts. House can help with that last one: he thinks Donny has a hereditary nerve disorder. Foreman explains it as Donny's brain mistaking nerve pain for tooth pain. It also explains the heart problem. And it's easily cured! Except that House won't let anyone administer the medicine but Chase.

He finds him snoozing on a couch in the doctor's lounge and warns him to do his sleeping at home. Chase doesn't think it's a big deal that he missed out on the bone scan that is part of his job, and House says he obviously isn't getting help with his murderer guilty conscience and he's starting to think it's because Chase wants to feel bad because that means he isn't a psychopath. He orders Chase to get into Donny's scary ICU room and do his job. At this point, they would have been better off re-hiring Kumar than Chase.

Chase hooks up a bag to Donny's IV and keeps having flashbacks to Dibala's blood-soaked death. He's interrupted by Donny, who doesn't have much hope that his doctors got the diagnosis right this time. I wouldn't either. Chase decides to make conversation, asking Donny if he ever shot and killed anyone. Donny says he shot two people, but they didn't die. The police department needs better bullets or something. Donny says some of his co-workers have killed. "Did they ever get over it?" Chase asks hopefully. "I got an ex-partner who nearly drank himself into oblivion," Donny says. And that was after he got help. Chase is bummed out to hear this, but it gets worse: Donny just shat the bed.

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