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It's All In Your Head

Foreman is at the door. House asks him if he was talking before, although that wouldn't explain why he heard the whispering the other night, or how House could have possibly heard Foreman talking when the banging on the door was pretty faint. But I guess he's desperate for an explanation. Foreman says he wasn't talking to anyone or on the phone, which is obvious since he's here alone and also apparently has a problem with using the phone, since instead of calling House to tell him the latest news he rushed over to do it in person: Donny is dead. He collapsed just four hours after they discharged him from PPTH. Ortoli strikes again!

After the break, Foreman and House hang out in Wilson's living room, trying to figure out what they missed in Donny's case. Foreman says he collapsed in his laundry room and by the time someone found him and called 911, he was already dead. "I sent the guy home with mints," House says. Well, at least they can rule out any heart conditions that are cured by mints. House takes this all very personally because he's self-absorbed, thinking there must be something wrong with him for him to miss that something really was wrong with Donny. Also, he's hearing things, but he doesn't tell Foreman about that. Foreman says anyone could have made the same mistake, since every single test they ran said Donny was fine. And since he knows that House has to find out the answer, he had Donny's body sent to PPTH's morgue so they could do the autopsy personally.

A few hours later, Chase wakes Cameron up to say he's going to head over to Donny's ex-girlfriend's place to tell her the bad news. Apparently she lives two hours away. So she lives that far away but still gets the Princeton Minutia Picayune? Cameron tells Chase to just call her, but Chase thinks she should hear it "face-to-face." At 6 a.m.? No news is worth getting up at that hour. Cameron thinks there's more to the story and asks Chase if everything is okay. Of course, he says it is and doesn't understand why she'd even ask. He promises he'd tell her if something was wrong. Well, there goes that marriage, and after less than a year. The people who write this show hate love.

Lucky Donny! He gets an autopsy performed by a neurologist and a guy with no medical license! Foreman takes samples of Donny's hair and nails until House gets bored and revs up the saw so they can take a look at Donny's heart. Actually, hold on a minute -- why didn't Donny's father have an autopsy to find out his cause of death? I really doubt that they just let seemingly healthy 40 year-old men drop dead and chalked it up to unknown heart trouble back in 1979 without cutting them open to see what happened. Autopsies have been around for a long time. Anyway, Foreman refuses to let medical-license-less House cut Donny open even though House says it's not like he can screw this case up more than he has already. Want to make a bet? Foreman takes the saw from House and starts cutting away, stopping pretty quickly as blood spatters and leaks out from the opening. Corpses aren't supposed to bleed, you see. So, what's the explanation? Donny isn't a corpse! He's still alive, which he proves by suddenly opening his eyes and screaming. It scares the crap out of House and Foreman, who both jump back in terror and surprise, although only Foreman screams like a girl. I was not surprised by this because the previews gave it away. Stupid Fox promo department. That could have been a really cool moment.

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