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It's All In Your Head

House hasn't heard any voices during his time on the couch, so he heads back to the Haunted Bedroom. He hears the voice again, but this time he actually investigates it and discovers the sound is coming from a vent. A vent that leads to the next bedroom. He heads for Wilson's room and opens the door slowly and silently this time, walking in on Wilson talking to no one about nothing. "I had pea soup today. You'd love my breath right now. I didn't get a chance to run tonight. House is having issues. I missed you a lot today. All I want to do is ... (sigh) you know." Okay, so he's talking to dead CTB about his boring-ass day. Wherever she is, she cannot be thrilled about this. I mean, there's nothing to suggest that CTB would have listened to this crap when she was alive so I can't imagine she's enjoying it when she's dead. House retreats back to his room, happy he wasn't crazy after all but sad for his friend. Don't feel too sorry for Wilson, House. He's kind of an asshole to stick you in a room surrounded by pictures of the woman you had to check into a mental hospital to get away from. Of course, that wouldn't have been a problem if you hadn't had a part in her death in the first place. So I guess they're even.

Foreman and Cameron do the bone scan. Cameron confronts Foreman, asking him what Chase is lying to her about. Foreman says he told Chase to talk to her, and he's telling her to talk to Chase. Foreman is really good at communicating with his loved ones, so you know this advice is sound.

The next morning, House decides to skip breakfast and fill up on mindgames instead. He tells Wilson he's having auditory hallucinations at night. Wilson says there's probably rational explanation for it, but House says he checked everything out and the only answer is he's losing it again. And worse than last time, since he can't blame the Vicodin. Which I guess is the final word on what caused House's hallucinations before. Even though that doesn't make sense. And Nolan said it couldn't have been the sole cause. But whatever. He says he's going back to Mayfield. "Okay," Wilson shrugs. That wasn't the answer House was expecting. In fact, he was expecting Wilson to confess that he was whispering. But Wilson realized that and wasn't about to play along. He calls House an "ass" for using Wilson's conversation with his dead girlfriend as a way to fuck around with him. Yeah, I really don't get why House did that. We're supposed to think he's not being such a dick anymore, right? It's not like Wilson knew that his whispering was tormenting House and was doing it on purpose. Or maybe he was, but sub-consciously. Anyway, House apparently feels left out because Wilson is talking to the air when he could be talking to his friend House. Although it's not like House talked to Wilson when Wilson asked him to, so whatever. Wilson says that's not the point -- he misses CTB and talking to her makes him feel better. "You don't," he says.

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