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House, Interrupted

He leads House to a bathroom, hands him a cup, and stupidly allows House the privacy of a stall. And what do you know? Hal is sitting on top of the toilet waiting for House, his bladder full and ready to go. He asks House to look away while he pees into the cup. House does him one better and sings as he fake pees. And even with the loud singing, I can hear someone peeing, which is a first for this show. Season 6 is a new frontier, people! Hal finishes up and gives House a cup of pee. House exits the stall, being careful not to open the door too wide as Hal goes back to his hiding spot crouching on top of the toilet, and gives Medina the pee.

Next thing you know, House is a Level 4. The guys are playing cards for cigarettes again when Medina stops by to give House a special apology for doubting him. House accepts it graciously and goes back to his game, until Medina asks Freedom Master (is it really helping the crazy people to indulge their delusions? At least Beasley calls Freedom Master by his real name. Medina sucks at this) to give him a hand and move the piano, which weighs five hundred pounds. Stupid Medina! Freedom Master might have super-strength, but that doesn't make him a qualified piano mover! You have to hire specially trained people for that kind of thing. It appears that Medina isn't indulging Freedom Master after all, but exposing him as a fake to the entire room and Freedom Master himself. That's just mean. And probably not helpful to Freedom Master. It's not like he's going to suddenly realize that he can't lift a piano and thus must not be a superhero and be all better. Come on. Freedom Master tries to get out of it, saying he doesn't use his powers for "frivolous" matters, because on a subconscious level at least he knows he can't do it. House speaks up, asking Medina why he's doing this. "It's none of your business," Alvie says warningly and sounding kind of normal for once. Medina says he's trying to help Freedom Master deal with his "serious and dangerous delusion." He's also open to the possibility that Freedom Master actually is a superhero and thus should not be in a mental hospital. Good point. House accuses Medina of trying to "break" Freedom Master. While they're arguing, Freedom Master spots Catatonic Gabby standing around staring at something and rushes off to "save" her by rescuing her voicebox from the nurses behind the window who stole it. "Your wife is dead," Medina says. Okay, so it appears that Freedom Master's wife died when some "evil" people killed a lot "good" people because, as so often happens in the real world, there was no superhero there to save the good and defeat the evil at the last second, and Freedom Master, unable to make sense out of it any other way, has decided that he's a superhero. Freedom Master desperately tries to break into the nurse's station to retrieve Gabby's voicebox. Medina calls for the orderlies to drag Freedom Master away as he walks away from the whole mess himself. I'm pretty sure that that could been handled better.

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