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House, Interrupted

Nolan is quite pleased to reveal to House that the meds he's been pretending to take aren't meds at all, but capsules filled with sugar. They've known for some time that House was faking improvement since his test results showed improvement on a too-fast and too-regular basis. Nolan switched House to a placebo and he continued to improve, thus showing Nolan that he was faking it. But just to make absolutely sure, they tested House's urine and found the presence of drugs that they already knew House didn't have in his system. Ha! I kind of like it when things don't work out perfectly for House and he doesn't know better than everyone. Did he really think that he knew mental health better than the mental health professionals? "Let me do my job," Nolan says.

House returns to his room. Alvie is waiting for him, anxious to hear what House's newest plan is. House says there isn't one. He's out of plans and he's going to bed. Even though it's light outside and he's wearing jeans, which are not comfortable to sleep in.

It's a new day, and House looks out the window, waiting for Lydia to arrive. She pulls up with a cello case hanging out of her VW Beetle convertible (yes, they gave the German a VW Beetle). House smiles. Lydia de-elevators sans cello, and House is waiting for her, which I can't tell if Lydia finds creepy or charming. House offers to help Lydia carry the heavy cello up to the common room, but she points out that that might not be easy for him since he's kind of handicapped and stuff. House says it's typical of a German to be quick to cast the "useless cripple" aside. Yes, well, just be glad you aren't Jewish, House. He volunteers Freedom Master for the job, saying that it might help him out of his depression to feel useful and capable again. And how does Freedom Master have grounds privileges, exactly?

I guess he does, because the next thing we know, House and Lydia are hanging out on the curb while Freedom Master struggles to get the cello out of the car, which is totally parking in front of a bus stop. I hope Lydia gets a parking ticket for that. House asks Lydia why she visits her sister-in-law five times a week, which is pretty excessive for a blood relative, let alone an in-law. Lydia says she's compassionate. House isn't buying it. He then makes sure to congratulate Freedom Master on his "superhuman feat" of lifting the cello out of the car. If this cello is so heavy, how did Lydia get it in the car in the first place? Freedom Master is encouraged to take a break, and House notes that the accomplishment hasn't appeared to have lifted his spirits. He asks for Lydia's car keys, saying he has a way to make Freedom Master "feel like he's flying." I'm not sure if indulging the guy's former delusions is a good idea. Nor is giving your car keys to a mental patient, no matter how charming. But she totally falls for it. House, Lydia, and Freedom Master drive off and leave the cello behind. I hope the bus runs it over. Also, way to supervise your patients, Mayfield.

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