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House, Interrupted

They drive. House asks Lydia why she's so "nice" to him. I want to know why she's letting House drive her car when she is perfectly capable of driving it herself. She says she thinks House has a "good heart." Lydia is either a poor judge of character, or she's only watched the first two seasons of this show. House says he lied to her - he's kidnapping Freedom Master and stealing her car. Lydia just smiles. Yes, being abducted by a crazy person sure is fun! Suddenly, the car stops and Lydia gets out. House asks if she's sure she wants to leave, since he really thought they could have a Bonnie and Clyde thing. Lydia reminds him that things didn't really end well for Bonnie or Clyde. "See ya," House says, driving away. Lydia just smiles. I wonder if she'd still be smiling if she knew that her car insurance doesn't cover accidents that happen as a result of letting a mental hospital patient steal your car.

House roars down the open road with Freedom Master in tow. He feels so cool that he just has to put sunglasses on, even though the only pair available belong to Lydia and are decidedly female. But House and Freedom Master aren't just escaping - House is taking Freedom Master on a field trip to the amusement park that he somehow knew was in town despite having no contact with the outside world for weeks or even months. And somehow has the money to pay for admission to and at least one ride. I guess Lydia had some money in her car. They get on one of those rides that uses an extremely powerful fan to push you into the air, like you're flying. It must be a really powerful fan, actually, because it lifts them like three stories off the ground. That can't be safe. Especially when it's two feet away from the Ferris Wheel. But it puts a smile on Freedom Master's face. And House's, aw. By the time they leave the park, House has won a stuffed giraffe and Freedom Master is back to his old delusional self. This seems like a good thing to House until Freedom Master steps on the ledge of the parking garage and looks pretty intent on leaping off of it. Then things suddenly get very, very bad. House tells Freedom Master to step down, since no one is calling for help that he needs to fly to right now. Oh, you thought crazy people were able to reason things like that out, House? Not so much. "Thank you, Greg," Freedom Master says. "NO!" House yells. Too late - Freedom Master is about to find out that he can't fly after all. Fortunately, they're only on the second floor of the garage. Unfortunately, Freedom Master did a belly-flop.

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