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House, Interrupted

Next time we see House, he's clutching Freedom Master's bloody jacket with a haunted look on his face. "He's lucky to be alive," Nolan says. Even so, he suffered broken bones and internal injuries. And Nolan is pissed. He says House is so intent on finding the truth except for this time when he thought it would be a good idea to let Freedom Master believe a lie. Nolan knows why - he did it to get back at Nolan. Not to help Freedom Master, and not to help himself. Nolan says he's done with House and transferring him to a different hospital, where he can go ahead and manipulate the apparently inferior staff to his heart's content. He should transfer him to the PPTH psych ward. That place sucks. At everything, including diagnostic medicine now that their only good doctor is gone. "Don't," House says. Nolan wasn't expecting this. "I need help," House says. He seems sincere, but ... didn't he already come to this conclusion? Isn't that what put him in the hospital in the first place?

House reports to Nolan's office for his first real therapy session. But he doesn't know how or where to start. He says "a billion" things have happened to him in his life (most of them in the past five years ... ) and he doesn't know how he's supposed to know which ones contributed to the way he is now. Nolan says the only way to do that is to talk about all of them. House says that's going to take a long time. Yes. It is. Sigh. Remember when this show was about medical mysteries? And had other cast members? "I want to get better. Whatever the hell that means," House says; "I'm sick of being miserable." So the misery is what drove him to the mental hospital? I thought it was the hallucinations. Or have we just decided that those were from the Vicodin and everything is okay now? Even though Nolan said earlier that that wasn't the case? Nolan asks House if he wants to happy, and House is forced to admit that he does. Nolan says that's a good start. He hands House some anti-depressants, much to House's disgust. Nolan says House obviously doesn't have a problem taking drugs in general, and just like he took Vicodin to make his leg pain go away, he should take anti-depressants to make his mental pain go away. Dude, I think hallucinations of dead people that you interact with and one of your boss that you have sex with needs more than an anti-depressant. Well, in real life it does. Not on TV shows, though! Even the worst mental illness can simply be lightly medicated and reasoned away! "I don't want to change who I am," House says, pointing out that if Van Gogh took anti-depressants then he'd be painting houses instead of "Starry Night." Yeah, well, maybe Hitler would have been painting houses instead of killing millions of people. And maybe Van Gogh would have preferred to be a happy house painter than an artist who died penniless by his own hand. But Nolan doesn't make either of those points, just says that Van Gogh would have painted the same things, but with two intact ears and not from the room of an asylum. Nolan says that if House wants his help, then he has to trust him, even though that doesn't come naturally to him. House takes the pills.

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