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House, Interrupted

Lydia walks up, as apparently she's at Mayfield so often that they just invite her to all of their events. House invites her to come along with him as he lies to some more donors who just tried to do the right thing and are now paying dearly for it. Hey, isn't Lydia mad at him for stealing her car? Or using it to drive a mental patient to an amusement park where he almost killed himself? Does she feel bad about her own role in that? Apparently not, because her smirk has only gotten bigger. House sits down at a table and tells the one woman there that he's a philanderer. Then he gets all awkward and quietly tells her to say she was just asking him if there were nuts in an hors d'oeuvre as Lydia approaches, pretending to be House's wife. House's fake wife is well aware of his fake philanderer problem, and angrily asks the woman what House just said to her. She dutifully reports that she was asking him about nuts in the hors d'oeuvre. What a bitch! Don't take the cheating husband's side over the innocent and wronged wife! Where is the sisterhood? The solidarity? The fun of watching an unhappy couple erupt into a HUGE fight because you told the wife the truth? Lydia demands to check the woman's purse for an epi-pen, saying that if she's allergic to nuts then surely she carries one around with her everywhere. Busted, the woman thinks quickly and says she was actually hitting on House. That woman has self-esteem problems. She should check herself into Mayfield.

Later on, Nolan asks House if he's enjoying himself. House says he connected with one guy, but then he screwed it up like usual because he couldn't resist "having fun." How is telling some guy that you're gay and Nolan is your lover fun, though? Nolan says the night was actually a success, since House learned that he can, in fact, trust people. How? Well, he told people that he was a womanizer and a porn producer and sleeping with Nolan, and no one ratted him out. Well, apparently they did if Nolan knows about it. He asks House why he thinks people would treat him worse if they knew "the truth." I don't care! What about the hallucinations? Anyway, Lydia walks up and hands House what appears to be a glass of wine (yes, they get wine in this mental hospital) and Nolan walks away. She's ready for more "fun" with the donors, but House says he'd rather talk to her. First, he wants to know why she isn't mad at him for stealing her car. "It was a nice thing to do," she says. Um ... really? Because I think Nolan made a good point there when he said that House's true motive for taking Freedom Master out was to get revenge on the doctors, not to be nice to Freedom Master. Looking especially guilty, House says he isn't sure how "ruining Freedom Master's life" is nice. Lydia says it might have been "misguided" and "irresponsible," but it was nice, too. I guess that's how she sleeps at night: "yes, I willingly lent my car to a sick man so he could convince an even sicker man that he could fly, but that was nice of me. I'm awesome." "You gave him a moment of pure happiness," she says. Yeah, followed by months of pain and suffering! Not worth it. Also, why is Lydia calling Catatonic Gabby "Annie?" Is her name Gabby or Annie? Alvie lied to me, but it's way too late to go back in this recap and change the name now. Lydia says that Gabby was her best friend before she started "pulling away" until she became how she is today. No one knows why it happened, and Lydia thinks she only married Gabby's brother because of their shared connection to Gabby. Gabby's brother doesn't visit anymore, but Lydia can't give up on Gabby. I think the more you love someone, the harder it would be to see her like that. This is all a big downer, so Lydia decides to go home. "Good night," House says. For that, he gets a kiss from the married woman.

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