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House, Interrupted

House returns to his room. Alvie's already in bed, but not asleep. He asks House what happened, then says he doesn't care when House reminds him that he's supposed to be mad at him. But Alvie's curiosity soon gets the better of him, and he asks if House had fun. "Yeah," House says.

And the next day, he tells Nolan about how he and Lydia kissed. "Kisses are good things," House admits. Not when they're with married women. House senses judgmental vibes from Nolan, who admits that House's situation is "complicated," both because Lydia is married and House is IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL. Seriously, what was Lydia thinking? Why isn't she a patient at Mayfield at this point? House decides to change the subject to Nolan and the mystery woman he met in the parking lot, but Nolan won't take the bait. House says he just wants to know something about his doctor's personal life, since there don't seem to be any hints of one judging by Nolan's office d├ęcor and the one phone number on his speed dial that goes to his father. Does House really think it's unusual for a doctor in a mental institution to refrain from giving any hints about his personal life to his patients? Why are we acting like Nolan is just some regular old outpatient psychiatrist and not working somewhere full of people who are there because they're a danger to themselves or others? Nolan keeps trying to change the subject back to House and Lydia, while House tries to get more information about his doctor, who he believes has no personal life or friends or decent career because he's made some serious mistakes in his past. Uh, no, House - that would be you. Finally, Nolan gets an answer from House as to how he thinks his relationship with Lydia will end: "I don't know." I do! Lydia is played by Franka Potente, so it's pretty safe to say we won't be seeing her after this episode. Thus, there will be heartbreak.

The next visiting hours session (not like Lydia really needs visiting hours to tell her when she can and cannot hang out at Mayfield), House is waiting for Lydia at the piano bench. The piano is open and unlocked, so I guess being a Level 4 does come with some privileges. Way to not even say hi to Gabby, Lydia. Maybe the reason why she stopped talking is because she got sick of her best friend abandoning her as soon as she saw a cute boy. "Why did you kiss me?" House asks. "I like you. It felt like a nice way of showing you that," Lydia says. Lydia sure does love the word "nice." Learn some new adjectives, lady. House decides to accept her answer and turns to play the piano while shooting Lydia a few lingering looks. Oh, but then Freedom Master is wheeled into the common room, still looking pretty banged up from his fall with casts on his left arm and leg. And he's near-catatonic again. This makes House feel bad.

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