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House, Interrupted

So he goes to see Nolan about it. Nolan asks him why he seems to value his failures more than his successes. How is Lydia a success, exactly? House tries to joke about masturbating to pictures of his grandma, but Nolan asks him to stop deflecting, especially when it plants such unpleasant mental images in his head. House says that success is temporary and failure is apparently permanent. Nolan says that doesn't have to be the case - you can move past your failures by apologizing to the people you failed. That's kind of crappy advice. Especially since if you're a doctor, you might not be able to apologize to the person you failed. Because he's dead. And sometimes you do things that no apology will be enough for. Like when House told Cuddy that she would be a terrible mother. Anyway, House doesn't put any stock in apologies, saying it's not "fair" that you can say two words to someone and that's supposed to make up for the pain you caused. Nolan asks if House thinks that the world is supposed to be a fair and you must endure an equal amount of pain as the person whose pain you caused. That's impossible, so House will just have to apologize to Freedom Master and allow himself to feel better and move on. Kind of like how Nolan seems to have no problem feeling better about the fact that his hospital's lax security allowed two patients to escape from their grounds and enter a dangerous situation so easily. House sits there and thinks about this like it never occurred to him before. I don't think that's the case. I think it's more like House thinks he's so awesome that he shouldn't fail at all, ever, and doesn't know how to handle it when he inevitably does.

So he heads right for Freedom Master in the common room. But once he gets a good look at the guy, his resolve to apologize seems to weaken. Beasley runs up and calls group time before he can build it back up again. She opens group with an announcement: in two weeks they are going to have a Talent Show! Seriously? SERIOUSLY? What a terrible idea. If these people were capable of participating in a talent show then they'd probably be able to live in the outside world. Paranoia shoots the idea down immediately, but Beasley persists, suggesting that Alvie do "one of [his] songs." Alvie takes offense to this, saying that he raps, not sings. And he doesn't even rap, really. Two or three verses is not a rap. Beasley tells him to get writing on a rap, but he says he's all about the freestyle. Glasses girl says she has no talent. Beasley asks Freedom Master for a second opinion on that. " ... " says Freedom Master. Yeah, what a great idea this talent show was. House asks Beasley why she's even bothering to ask Freedom Master a question they know he won't answer. Beasley says he might, sooner or later, because "things pass." Has Beasley been a psychiatrist for just ten minutes or something? Mental illness doesn't "pass." Not the really severe kind that makes someone think he's a superhero who can fly or causes a guy to hallucinate an affair with his boss that we're all supposed to forget about. House says you can't just talk and hope things get better -- you have to make it happen. He decides to make it happen right now, as he follows both Freedom Master and Gabby's line of sight to a spot in the nurse's station. He thinks Freedom Master had a point about Gabby's stolen voicebox after all, as he sees that they're both looking at a music box. Beasley calls for an orderly, but House promises her that he isn't having a psychotic break. Which makes sense, seeing as he isn't psychotic. He was in Season 5, but not anymore! Beasley accepts earnest promises from her patients because she is terrible at this.

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