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House, Interrupted

The orderly grabs the music box and hands it to House, who gives it to Freedom Master so he can cure Gabby and thus cure himself. But Freedom Master is non-responsive, much to House's annoyance. "There's nothing wrong with you. You're healing. All the parts work. Just speak!" he says. Except that there is something wrong with him and all the parts don't work. That's why he's IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL. I know that might be hard for House to understand since he is also in a mental hospital and clearly nothing is actually wrong with him aside from some anti-social behavior and possible depression, but still. Nolan steps in and tells everyone to take a break from group therapy. Well, they made it to minute five this time. That has to be a record. Nolan tells House that trying to "fix" Freedom Master isn't the same as moving on. But I'll bet Freedom Master would much rather be fixed than simply apologized to.

After the break, Lydia arrives with a piano piece by Dvořák that requires two people to play. House wants to know what "this" is first. That's reasonable enough. "It's sheet music," Lydia says. Ugh. House just stares at her, so she says they're just having fun as if there's nothing wrong with that. And there isn't, except that one of them has some mental issues he really needs to work on before he can embark on a relationship and the other is married. House says that no matter what happens, someone will end up getting hurt. "The end sucks. That doesn't mean the beginning has to," Lydia shrugs, like a truly selfish person. She encourages House to live in the moment and enjoy things as they happen without worrying about what could happen later. House is still hesitant. "I was happy five minutes ago, and now I'm not. How is that better?" Lydia asks. Um, because you have a husband? And you haven't even said hi to the best friend you're supposedly so devoted to in weeks now? There are more important things to worry about than your own personal happiness sometimes. "Good-bye Lydia," House says.

Today in group, we'll be talking about electroconvulsive therapy and whether or not glasses girl should get it. House does not bring up the time that his fellows gave it to a patient and erased his memories unnecessarily, which is nice of him. Alvie does his impression of someone during the ECT process while House finally speaks up to tell glasses girl to get ECT or shut up because he's apparently sick of hearing about it. I don't think glasses girl should get ECT because there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her in the first place. Alvie informs the group that House is in a bad mood and taking it out on everyone else. Beasley decides to move on, thus leaving both glasses girl and House's issues unresolved. Great job, therapist! Let's focus instead on Alvie's rap for the stupid talent show. He still doesn't want to write anything down, preferring instead to freestyle because spontaneity is important to him. He demonstrates this by rapping three lines before blanking on something that rhymes with "shines." "You're a genius. Rhymes with 'penius,'" House says. Hee hee hee. Medina appears to interrupt group and give House a day pass from Nolan. "He'd like to see you," Medina smirks. Why does Medina even exist?

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