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House, Interrupted

The day pass isn't all it's cracked up to be, because it's just a trip to another hospital. For a consult. Nolan's dad is the patient, and the diagnosis is brain death following a massive stroke. Nolan wants a second opinion before he decides to pull the plug. Plus, the professional services of one of your patients who you're blackmailing into staying in your hospital by threatening not to restore his medical license are free! And if Nolan truly believes that House is this capable of practicing medicine then he really has no right not to write that recommendation letter. This is stupid. House takes one look at the scan of Father Nolan's brain. Even I can tell that it doesn't look good. It's all white except for like two black spots on the left side. "His brain has been replaced by blood," House says. With nothing to insta-diagnose, he decides to move onto Nolan himself and the reasons why he called House in here when Nolan himself should have known his father was a goner after looking at the scan. He thinks Nolan wants House to give him "permission" to kill his father. "Not now, House," Nolan says. "You have no friends, no family. At some point, you made a mistake and you lost everything. Now I'm the closest thing you've got to a friend," House says. If that's true, then Nolan is a terrible doctor. You don't make friends with your patients if you're a psychiatrist. You just don't. You can't! Why is this scene even happening? To show off what a great actor Andre Braugher is? We already knew that! "Just shut up. I don't need you here to play this game," Nolan says, obviously grieving. You don't need House here AT ALL. This is inappropriate. You know, if you're going to write the main titular character of your show into a corner of mental illness and being unable to tell reality from fantasy, then you really need to follow through on it. Or maybe you shouldn't write a two-hour long episode in a mental hospital at all if you have no idea how they run or what they're like or how mental illnesses even work. We still don't know why House had hallucinations. If they're because of the Vicodin, then he should have gone to rehab. If it's Vicodin and something else, then address it. But don't act like it's as simple as depression that can be fixed with talk therapy, pills, and a tea party. Or if you are, then don't even do the hallucinations and have the season end with him committing himself because he's suicidal. It doesn't have to be like this, and that's what's so frustrating. No one forced the writers to end Season 5 with House clearly insane, but basic storytelling should force them to deal with the story they wrote instead of just ignoring it. Anyway, because House is better at connecting with people now or whatever, he stays with Nolan as silent support.

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