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House, Interrupted

But the episode isn't over yet! House meets with Nolan and sincerely asks him how he's doing with his dad's death. Nolan thanks him for staying in the room, and then it's time for House to talk. He says things are "actually good," although of course he acknowledges that he isn't all better yet.

He finally apologizes to Freedom Master, who doesn't respond. So House continues that he was trying to prove a point and be right at Freedom Master's expense. Nolan watches from the nurse's station and nods at House, because apparently House needs people to nod him along these days. House pushes Freedom Master's wheelchair to the window for med time. On the way, they pass Gabby, and House notices Freedom Master, who is still holding the music box, move it slightly towards her. Oh no. Do not magically cure the catatonic people. Do NOT do it! This show has always been about defying convention and doing what you didn't expect. Everyone expects the catatonic girl to be magically cured at the end of the show or movie. And everyone knows that it doesn't work like that in real life and there are no magic cures. But I guess if we can suspend our disbelief when the doctors magically cure physical ailments in the regular episodes then we'll have to suspend it when mental ones are cured, too. So, of course, House wheels Freedom Master back to Gabby, who looks down at the music box and takes it from him. She opens it and it plays. "Thank you," she says to Freedom Master, her voice totally normal despite not being used in TEN YEARS. "You're welcome," Freedom Master says. House gets to cure a patient after all. And in the laziest and most cliché way possible.

When Lydia arrives to visit Gabby, House is waiting for her outside the common room with a "surprise." It sure is! The daily visits from a devoted friend did nothing, but a music box cured Gabby! That's kind of a fuck you to Lydia, huh? Not like she minds. When she enters the common room and sees Gabby there playing her cello like ten years out of practice meant nothing, she is thrilled. Everyone watches her play, their mental illnesses forgotten. Freedom Master looks fine now! Why don't they just play soothing cello music at all mental hospitals to calm the patients down instead of giving them medicine? Apparently that's all they need. Also dim lighting. And music boxes.

I love how my Fox affiliate is running a story on the news right after this episode about "the reality of childhood mental illness." So if you watched this episode and thought any of that was remotely accurate you can watch the Fox news and get a taste of the horrible and tragic real thing.

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