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House, Interrupted

It's time for another re-birthday! This time, it's for Gabby. Now that she got her music box, she's ready for the outside world! But they still don't know why she went catatonic in the first place or, really, what broke her out of it ten years later. Also, am I supposed to think that the music box was just sitting on that shelf in the nurse's station for the last ten years and no one moved it or noticed it or made the connection between it and Gabby? Whatever. Everyone seems happy to say good-bye to Gabby except House, who marches into Nolan's office and asks why Gabby gets to go home after a decade of catatonia but he's still here. Nolan says that Gabby isn't going into the outside world just yet - first, she's being transferred to a rehab facility. In Arizona. Along with her brother and sister-in-law, who are moving there. That's why you don't fall in love with the special guest star! House wants an overnight pass. Nolan thinks he'd be better off talking this out with his psychiatrist when, you know, they aren't hanging out with the psychiatrist's dead dad and the psychiatrist doesn't need his patient for emotional support. But if House insists on a pass, he will give it to him. But it's not a good idea. House doesn't care.

A cab pulls up outside Lydia's house. How does House know where she lives? Did Nolan tell him? That's kind of terrible. House rings the doorbell. Guess what? A child answers. Of course! Lydia doesn't just cheat on her husband - she cheats on her husband, her "best friend's" brother, and the father of her fucking children! Lydia appears and steps out on the porch to talk to House out of her son's earshot. House says he knows that she's moving to Arizona. Lydia says it's true - her husband travels to Arizona a lot for work (based on Lydia's taste in men I have to wonder if the guy has a job or just goes to Arizona to meet with his alien overlords. Who don't actually exist) and they would have moved there long ago but they were stuck in the area because of Gabby. Yeah, because it's really hard to move the completely unresponsive woman from one place to another COME ON. Anyway, now that she's totally fine again, they think it's a good idea to suddenly change her surroundings and move everything to Arizona. She doesn't want to leave House and House doesn't want her to leave him, but she's got kids. She says she didn't want to stop by Mayfield to properly say good-bye to House because things ended "kind of perfect." Except for the fact that they ended. Life is not a storybook, Lydia.

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