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Paranormal And Paraplegics

Chase informs poor Clancy of this in the middle of his brain surgery. While House stimulates various parts of Clancy's brain with an electric probe, causing poor Clancy to flail his arm uncontrollably, Foreman watches a monitor to see where House is in Clancy's brain. Chase keeps showing him flash cards and making him identify them. Cameron is somewhere else, apparently. She never gets to be involved in surgeries. She does get to be involved in everything else, though, so I think it evens out. House finally zaps the alien abduction hallucination center of Clancy's brain. Clancy tells them he sees the light and the aliens are coming for him. But the hallucination isn't showing up on the brain scan. House orders them to give him more electricity, which Chase warns against, saying Clancy's blood pressure is high enough as it is. "Riding the short bus is better than not breathing," House says, although I think he would've disagreed with that last week when he was all about giving his patients the best quality of life possible. When House wants to increase the voltage a second time, Chase tells him that is sure to cause brain damage. House relents and tries to stimulate Clancy's brain by being his usual horrible self and yelling at the kid that the aliens are coming to take him away from his parents and torture him. It works. Clancy sees aliens, and Foreman sees the bad cells. They get rid of them, and Chase tells Clancy that he'll be normal again. Well, except for the fact that his twin brother is a now a bunch of random cells in a specimen jar.

Next stop is Wilson's office. House tells Wilson all about the horrible thing Cuddy did to him with Richard. "That doesn't sound like her," Wilson says, totally not getting that he's busted and he might as well give it up already. Props to Cuddy for never letting on that this was all Wilson's idea, though. She's a much better and more loyal friend than Wilson is. House asks Wilson directly if he put Cuddy up to this, and Wilson leans back in his chair and asks him what Cuddy told him. House says that he can tell everything he needs to through Wilson's body language, and asks Wilson whether he was trying to make House re-evaluate everything and turn into Cameron by making him think he got the last case wrong. "Something like that," Wilson says breezily, still not looking the least bit apologetic. He says he didn't want House to know that he managed to solve a case with absolutely not medical proof because then House would think he was God and be in for an even bigger fall when he eventually screwed up in a most un-godlike fashion.. "God doesn't have a limp," House sneers, and leaves. Wilson has the decency to look contrite when there's no one around to see him.

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