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Paranormal And Paraplegics

Chase asks Clancy's parents to sign a consent form for a transesophogeal echocardiogram so they can look in his heart and find out what's wrong with it. They sign it, and Chase decides to step up for Clancy. He tells them that their son is worried that his parents think he's crazy. Mom scoffs, "Well, isn't he?" How supportive. At the very least, the parents should at least recognize that Clancy was right about the thing being in his neck, even if it wasn't an alien chip. His stories are totally baseless. How sad for Clancy that he doesn't get to have parents with a sense of humor, imagination, or even a basic like of children. Chase tells the mom that there are a lot of non-crazy explanations for what's wrong with Clancy, and that he needs to think they believe in him, even if they don't. I don't know why Clancy's parents tried to so hard to have their son with the in vitro stuff when they don't seem to like him at all. This whole episode, they've acted like the kid is just a burden and an annoyance.

House and the Cottages check out the TEE results on his computer monitor. Clancy's heart looks clean, but House doesn't think you can see anything clearly enough without hi-def and demands to see the TEE on HD where the pixels won't be the size of Legos. This scene has been brought to you by HD companies and dealers everywhere, who remind you that when you're looking at a heart valve, nothing beats the crisp, clear quality of an HD monitor.

House and the crew sneak into an office with an HD monitor, and House is thrilled with its picture. He asks Foreman to steal it for him. This scene has definitely not been brought to you by the NAACP, who reminds you that white people steal stuff, too. The Cottages don't see anything on the perfect HD monitor, so House says that they'll need a bigger screen, because he's determined to find something wrong with Clancy's heart no matter what.

Cut to the crew sitting in the HD theater that PPTH has marked for demolition in order to make room for more balconies. The Cottages fail to see the point of this, insisting that Clancy's heart looks perfectly fine. Chase thinks they'll be watching the TEE in an IMAX theater before House will admit that he's wrong. Financial consideration provided by IMAX, who remind you that if you want to see breathtaking views of Antartica, your local IMAX theater is the place to go. But if you want to see a defect in some kid's heart valve, IMAX probably isn't necessary. Anyway, I'm sure the ob/gyn lounge has its own IMAX theater, so they may very well be going there next.

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