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Lymphs and Limps

In surgery, Chase insists on doing the procedure even though Adams insists he can't think clearly. He's in her neck. They take some goop out. We're watching the clock because he needs to be out in five minutes to avoid neurological damage. He's over five minutes! Chase calls for an ultrasound. He says to lighten the anesthesia, even though he hasn't closed the wound yet. The nun coughs and can sort of hear him. Chase wants her to repeat "No ifs, ands, or buts." She does so. So everything's fine!

Park catches up with Chase in the hall. She apologizes. He asks what she's scared of. "I'm scared of everything." Chase tells her that she'll get over the stabbing. "Like you have?" She says it was pure luck that she wasn't there to get stabbed. He says it was pure luck that he was. Then he says he doesn't have time to teach her to act like a doctor.

Chase meets up with House to guess what could be wrong with the nun. House vaguely suggests lupus and then admits that he assigned Taub obviously fraudulent lab work to make him act paranoid. Chase wants to talk about the nun, but House has a super soaker. Taub has stopped to talk to the janitor, which House thinks means that Taub suspects the janitor. House now proposes syphilis. "Hope you practiced immaculate contraception." Chase accepts it and goes off to do whatever you do when a nun has syphilis. House jumps around the corner and discovers that Taub has jimmied the super soaker so it shoots him in the face. Taub shouts, "BOO YA!" and fails to interest me.

The nun tells Chase she hasn't had sex in years. Then she says she saw the boy who died when she was on the operating table. "He just held my hand. It was like he forgave me." Chase tells her it should give her solace. Foreman is outside, looking angry.

"You SLEPT with your patient? You're off the case." I was right! Foreman really is angry! And Chase is unrepentant: "I saved her from brain damage." Chase is also mad that House got a pass for getting him stabbed last week but now he's kicked off a case for not hurting anyone. It doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone who works on this show that they didn't make a good case for blaming House for the stabbing. Adams apologizes for running to Foreman, and Chase blusters, "I took that scalpel for you!" She feels that, three weeks ago, Chase would never have done this. And that Chase is trying to get away from House by turning into him. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Enough interpersonal drama! Back to the medical drama!

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