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Lymphs and Limps

Chase sees the nun playing with rosary beads. Well, probably not "playing." You know what I mean. She's using them for their intended purpose. He throws away his article. Then he goes into the room as the standard emotional music plays. They hug.

As the music continues and Chase wanders the hospital, he sees Park and tells her not to look at the book to tell the difference between the jugular and the carotid. By quizzing her, he demonstrates that she knows where everything is. You know, I'm not a medical professional, but I'm pretty sure I know the difference between the jugular and the carotid. It's all that training I had in vampire role-playing games in my youth.

Chase tells the nun, "I'm happy I knew you. Me too." He starts down the hall, but she calls after him "Robert." Long look. She takes his hand. The lyrics of the music right now are, "Just maybe, I'll come home." She leaves.

Chase walks down the hall without crutches so we know it's an unknown amount of time later. Incidentally, the stabbing took place on February 3, 2012 (we learned that last episode at the beginning of the hearing) so we're now watching a show set about a month in the future. It's a science fiction show now! Chase sees the team (plus Foreman) in House's office. He walks in and Foreman slides him the file. They start throwing around "abscess" and "diphtheria" as they do.

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