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Women Have No Control

Because any and everyone can just enter this poor woman's room and do whatever they want, Chase rifles through Carly's possessions. He finds a bottle of ipecac.

Cameron tells House that they just stopped Carly's heart in preparation for the donor heart, and that House's "dumb patient" -- dumb as in he can't speak, not that he's stupid, since that qualifier would encompass all of House's patients -- scheduled an appointment to see him. "I wanted you to know Chase is worried that you're going to fire him," Cameron then says, because she sucks so bad I can't believe everything on House's desk hasn't been sucked into the vacuum her suckiness creates. House says that if Chase is scared, he'll be that much more careful in the future.

House and Cameron walk out into the hallway, where Cameron says she thinks Chase would perform better if he had some reassurance that his job was not in jeopardy, and House tells her to "stop it with the book." He asks her what her new attitude is about, and Cameron responds that people always "dismiss" her because she's "a woman" and "pretty" and "not aggressive." And also because she has nothing of value to add to this show and is really annoying and a tattletale. "My opinions shouldn't be rejected just because people don't like me!" she says. Well, I think that's ridiculous. House says that everyone likes her. "Do you?" Cameron asks. Silence. "I have to know." GOD, Cameron, if you wanted to be treated like a professional, you should act like a professional, not some fifth-grader passing a "do you like me? Check 'yes' or 'no' note to your crush during math class. I think House is supposed to look conflicted here over which answer to give, but he just looks bored. "No," he finally says. Ha ha! "Okay," says Cameron, and walks away to go put herself on the transplant list cause her heart just got BROKEN!

Speaking of hearts, House and Carly's extremely devoted assistant await the results of her surgery. It's over after a quick five and a half hours, which House says means it either went really well or really badly. The doctor tells them it was the former.

House goes to see his dumb patient, who still appears to be dumb. House says that the patient's vocal cords were paralyzed when he was intubated during the knee surgery, and that the injection of botox he gave him should have cured it. The patient shakes his head. House screams "boo!" again to see if that's true, and the patient does not scream back. House gets close and asks if he's just faking this now because he's afraid the settlement money he won will be taken away. I think that being rendered speechless for a year would still entitle you to something significant, though. House says he won't tell anyone, and that if the patient can talk, he should blink twice. The patient blinks twice, and they share a smile.

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