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Right And Wrong

Back in the show, Gabe tells Chase about how he broke a mirror and then the very next day, his parents got divorced. Chase says that his parents split up, too, and that every kid thinks it's his fault but it never is. Especially in this case, since Gabe's parents obviously can't stand each other no matter what their son does or doesn't do. Now that they've bonded, Gabe tells Chase how he snuck into the vacant house.

House says that Gabe's "secret club" is full of morons, as if every single child in the world doesn't do exactly the same thing, with the possible exception of House when and if he was a child. Chase says that Gabe scraped his arm when he fell in the attic, and that it smelled "really moldy" up there. The next day, he got sick. Looks like a simple case of fungal pneumonia. Chase is going to get a sample, but his egress is interrupted by the presence of a man standing in the office doorway. Chase stares. The man asks him if he has a minute. Chase finds his voice and says he has to go, and brushes past the guy. House always has free time, though, so he asks the visitor if his interesting accent is Czech with thirty years of Australian thrown in for good measure. "You have quite an ear," Mystery Guy says, which may be true now but wasn't a few episodes ago when House was calling Chase British. Our Mystery Man is Chase's dad, and House is intrigued at the frosty reception he just got from his son.

House hobbles as fast as his cane will carry him to Wilson, who is trying to do his clinic duty when House walks into the room for an urgent consult. He's got a twenty-six-year-old male who suddenly lost the ability to speak. Dude, Chase is only twenty-six? How does that work? Is Chase the Australian Doogie Howser? We won't find out, since House is more concerned with the strange interpersonal dynamics between Chase the Elder and Chase the Younger. He wonders if the Elder murdered the Younger's mom or something. Wilson wonders why he's being dragged into this when it doesn't involve him whatsoever and he's got work to do.

Chase jumps the fence and enters the House of Doom. He finds the key and lets himself into the attic, where a bunch of beer-drinking boys (where are they getting all that beer, anyway? It's easy enough to get vodka by raiding your parents' liquor cabinet, but they tend to notice when half the beers in the fridge are suddenly missing) immediately drop their bottles and jump to the window. Chase tells them to chill out; he's not here to bust anyone, just to check out the pipes Gabe scratched himself on. He gets a sample, and then the kids see a cop pull up outside and take off. Chase follows, just as reluctant as they are to avoid getting arrested. He's not as young as he used to be, though, so his escape via the tree next to the window ends with him landing on his ass and groaning in pain.

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