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Right And Wrong

Foreman and Chase inform Air Force One that the latest tests confirm a new diagnosis of sarcoidosis, which is making Gabe's lung and throat tissues swell. No one knows how it's caused or how Gabe got it, but they're going with it since, as Chase says, a "world-renowned" and personally-hated doctor is consulting on the case. That really shouldn't make anyone feel better, considering that House is supposed to be pretty well-known himself and, thus far, he's been way off. Foreman starts to hook up some anti-inflammatory medicine, but Chase notices something and orders him to stop. He turns Gabe's wrist over, and we see that his rash has turned black.

So now we've got what appears to be a definite anthrax diagnosis, except that anthrax doesn't account for Gabe's throat nodules. Chase the Elder's theory is that Gabe has anthrax AND sarcoidosis, which Chase the Younger doubts with much sarcasm. He thinks that Gabe has anthrax and had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. House's theory: both Chases are sort of right: Gabe's anthrax weakened his immune system, triggering a formerly dormant sarcoidosis. They'll treat him for both conditions and, as House says, "see what happens." Because that method always yields such positive results. Chase the Younger storms off to do this. House tells Foreman to follow and make sure he doesn't explode with anti-parental rage.

Air Force One isn't too pleased with his son's doctors' new treatment method of treating Gabe for everything under the sun and hoping something will make him better. He calls it throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. "Works for spaghetti," Chase mutters, shocking and offending everyone in the room. Chase wonders when he became his boss.

Air Force One takes matters into his own hands and marches to House's office. House is most annoyed to be disturbed from his latest Game Boy Advance game, but he smiles as he limps to answer the door. Then he locks it in the guy's face and makes this really great "no way" face. So Air Force One just goes through another door and tells House that he gives the hospital a lot of money for "attention." There are much cheaper ways to get attention. Like taking off your clothes in a public area. That doesn't cost a thing, unless you get arrested. And even then, it's just a moderate fine. Or so I've heard. Air Force One tells a story of how his wrist hurt, and that it wasn't until he gave the hospital a crapload of money that someone actually ran some tests on him and he had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. House doesn't care at all. His pager goes off, and House interrupts Air Force One's angry ranting by ordering him to go back to Gabe's room, where there is a problem.

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